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    '83rdinfdivdoc.org' A very comprehensive set of documents of the division, Infantry battalions, artillery, armour,recon,quartermaster - medical and more. Casualties (by name) daily reports with six figure grid references. An incredible history.

    See also 66 Inf Div on myspace a comprehensive history with film of the surrender of Lorient to Gen Kramer 66th Div' and the loss of 512 men of the 66th who went down with the SS Leopold and the 248 who also perished.

    See - 94th Inf Div Association (Bulge Song) and oddly for aviation buffs the flying log of a B17F - 09/05/43 - 02.21/44 - Including this - 3 Squadrons were sent out over North sea for training flight, the rear sqn was attacked by three 109s. two B17s lost - we were not carrying guns! Someone ought to be courts martialed for this
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