85 Bridge Company, RCASC, september 1944

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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anybody could help me find the war diaries of the 85 Bridging Company, RCASC for september 44, prior to move to Bourg Leopold.

    They were working on a Bailey bridge over the Albert Canal near Geel, private Henri Giroux died during this.
    Casualty Details | CWGC

    I hope to find some mentioning in WD or appendixes, but I can't find them. Even BAC/LAC mailed me they don't have them....

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. DannyM

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    The National Archives, Kew, have a copy.

    Reference is WO 179/3299, 85 Bridging Coy., 1944 Jan.- Dec.

    This may not have the appendixes in it. I have noticed that a some of the Canadian WD at Kew only have the diary pages.


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    In the regimental history book of the 85 can bridge coy there are some words about Henri Giroux.Do you want a copy ?

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    Wow! I would love to have a copy of that!

    Thank you!
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    Still have a question about the 85 Bridge Company, RCASC.

    I was wondering if there is anything in the unit history from their stay at Lummen, a little to the south of the Gheel bridge head and if you can find info on their officer, Hariss Arbrikke (?) who was from Montréal according to locals.

    It would have been from Christmas to the end of February. M troop for sure was in the area then.

    I enclose a picture.


    Thank you!
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    Hi. I am also working on a project about the RCASC's 85th Can. bridges Coy. Lot of my work is about Lt.Colonel Alexandre Gagnon. He was a Major at this time of the war and if i am not wrong, he was in command for this company. I have his personnal diary, a lot of photos and letters from him and his family. What information do you have about the Company for now ? Thank you and have a nice day
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    I'm afraid I didn't make any progress on the subject.

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