8th Battalion, Rifle Brigade NW Europe 1944

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    Hi all

    Just a quick question. I received this picture in my FB feed today. A beautifully coloured rendition. It's been niggling me, should the berets be green for the rifle brigade.

    I can see they have the green shoulder titles. I've had a goggle but cannot find a definitive answer.

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  2. idler

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    Motor Battalions were authorised to wear khaki berets so the colourist has got that right.
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  3. Matt71

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    Thanks idler.
  4. Drew5233

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    I posted the original on twitter today along with the war diary pages #JustSaying :D
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  5. idler

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    I meant to add: 1RB - 7 Armd Div's Motor Bn - wore a rifle green patch behind the badge. I think 8 RB did as well.
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  6. S54

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    Anyone know what the V symbol means or is for on the guy’s beret who is sat front left?
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    Nice detail! Hadn't noticed that before... and don't know what it is. Maybe some sort of souvenir given by civilian?
    Photo was taken in Heeze, Holland, 22 September 1944. They are E Company carriers, from 19 'Anti-tank' Platoon. In front the barrel of a 6-Pounder Anti-Tank gun can be seen. Standing in the back of the carrier is L/Cpl S. Bates. House on left still exists.

    For more on 8th Rifle Brigade, have a look at my website: Home - 8th Rifle Brigade .
    21.03 - A_carrier_crew_of_8th_Rifle_Brigade - B10245 - cut.jpg
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  8. Richard Fisher

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    It looks like the badge backing for the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. The 4th Bn provided the Independent Machine Gun Companies for the Armoured Divisions so maybe this is a reluctant tranferee carrier driver for some reason?
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