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    I am trying to find out more about a MC awarded to Capt ER Hudson of 8th Field Regt RA. I have the citation from TNA but can anyone help me with what 8th Field Regt were involved in during November 1941when he won it?


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    These details are from the 8 Field Regiment RA War Diary (WO169/1447). Basically, this was during Operation "Crusader" when the regiment was attached to 1st Army Tank Brigade:

    11 November 1941
    2nd S.A. Fd Regt. arrived to take over from 8th Fd Regt R.A. at GIARABUB and MELFA. Handover was a very quick one as the Regiment had to complete the move to 1st Army Tank Bde some 300 miles away by 14 Nov.


    18 November 1941
    Guns in action about Pt. 203 (521336).
    0735 O.P’s report gunfire from SAYID and area 512344.
    1800 Regiment moved into leaguer 518338.

    19 November 1941
    Both Bty’s in action about Pt. 203 (521336).
    0925 Orders to move received.
    0945 Regiment moved to area 502341 in support of 44 Bn. R.T.R.
    1800 Regiment moved into leaguer about 508342.

    20 November 1941
    Regiment moved to Pt. 192. (500343).
    0930 Returned to location of 19 Nov.
    1350 W/X and R.H.Q. less Rear H.Q. ordered to move to BIER EL TGHEIT (4854 3660).
    V/AA to remain in support of 44 Bn. R.T.R.

    21 November 1941
    V/AA and Rear R.H.Q. moved under command 44 Bn. R.T.R. to 485345.
    1100 V/AA under command 44 Bn. R.T.R. in support of N.Z. Div.
    1400 V/AA joined by R.H.Q. at 485345.
    1500 V/AA and R.H.Q. with 44 Bn. R.T.R. moved to 485381 and leaguered for the night.
    W/X in action at 488361 on 20 Nov and 21 Nov. silenced enemy Bty in LIBYAN OMAR and carried out harassing fire during night 20/21 Nov.

    22 November 1941
    V/AA in position at 476383. R.H.Q. joined 1st Army Tank Bde at BIR ABU TAREL 500385.
    V/AA moved to 485402. No news of W/X believed still at OMAR.

    23 November 1941
    V/AA moved with 44 R.T.R. to GAMBUT L.G. V/AA reported enemy gun shelled column from 474401.
    1440 1 enemy 105mm gun shelled column from WEST of GAMBUT.
    1500 R.H.Q. moved night 23/24 to 456402 – during move Tanks reported at GASR EL ARA 470399 – large detour made to SOUTH.

    24 November 1941
    R.H.Q. shelled at 456402. Successful action fought by H.Q. 8/R.T.R. and N.Z infantry and artillery near CHELETA.
    1000 V/AA shelled area 446403 (50 Inf. 40 M.E.T. 2 guns).
    1545 Moved to area 446403 – leaguered for the night. V/AA moved to ZAFFRAN 438410.
    1645 Joined by W/X.

    25 November 1941
    Remained at 446403. Enemy air raid at 1600 hrs – no casualties. V/AA in action with 44 R.T.R. at ZAFFRAN. W/X in action at 445403. V/A shelled intermittently.

    26 November 1941
    Still at 446403. R.H.Q. and W/X “stood to” at 0500 hrs. Quiet day.

    27 November 1941
    R.H.Q. and W/X “stood to” at 0500 hrs. Reports of enemy threats from the rear.
    1630 XXX Corps H.Q. moved into Div. area.
    1800 Leaguered with W/X and H.Q. 1st Army Tank Bde.

    28 November 1941
    Enemy Tank column passed within 400 yards at first light moving EAST – 1 Tank abandoned near R.H.Q.
    0630 Moved R.H.Q. about ½ mile WEST to get clear of XXX Corps H.Q.
    1000 W/X O.P’s reported enemy M.E.T. on escarpment S.E. of R.H.Q. First thought to be ‘B’ Echelon or 7 Armd Bde.
    1400 Reports received of enemy lorried infantry moving WEST along TRIGH CAPUZZO engaged by W/X, reported by them to be enemy ‘B’ Echelon.
    1500 Enemy halted and engaged at 2,800 yds by W/X R.H.Q. received overs from S.A.A. and A/Tk gun-fire.
    1800 No orders received about leaguering. H.Q. Army Tanks eventually contacted about 2100 hrs. Leaguered with W/X. V/A in support of 44 R.T.R. who captured BEL HAMED during night 28/29. Escorted convoy of 200 M.T. arrived with supplies for N.Z. Div; ammunition and water received. Orders received for Col. WALTON to command a small rearguard composed of:-
    Det. N.Z. Div. Cav.
    Det. Sqn. 8 R.T.R. (8 Tanks).
    2 Pltns. 2/Buffs.
    W/X Field Battery R.A.
    Intention – to delay the enemy from EAST as long as possible to enable N.Z. Div to form a box 8101 REZEGH – Pt. 175 – ZAFFRAN – BEL HAMED – DUDA.
    XXX Corps moved into TOBRUK.

    I hope that helps. Lt. Col. Walton who recommended the award was the C.O. of 8th Field Regiment at this time. It's interesting that the sponsoring (if that is the right word) formation is the New Zealand Division.


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    Many thanks Tom.
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