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Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by Abridge trier, Jun 25, 2020.

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    I am researching Eric William Cook Sgt 906747 who died on the 3rd April 1943 and is buried in the Eindhoven Gen Cemetery.
    Can anyone throw some light on how he may have died/ which action etc
    Many thanks
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  3. Abridge trier

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    Excellent thanks Ross
  4. Abridge trier

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    Ross sorry to be a pain but i'm looking for any info on WO William Arthur Pocock 335622 RAF. Can only find his name on that website and it appears he died at home as he is buried locally. He is remembered on a memorial in St Johns Church Pembroke Dock. Can you help

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    More a question of if you can help.

    The detail in the database was because a retired W/O from the Netherlands took it upon himself to spend the later years of his life transcribing what he could from his private records and then asking for help in filling what he did not have.

    Many others chipped in with what they knew or set about gaining the detail to fill in the blanks.

    At the moment almost 93% of commonwealth airforce deaths have some detail beyond that in the CWGC archives.

    RAF and Commonwealth Air Forces War Dead (Courtesy CWGC)

    The database relies on people who have a particular interest in one of the unaccounted doing more research when faced with a simple Null google search then submitting their results.

    So - a suggestion, an application to RAF Disclosures on your part will get his service record which will answer some of your questions on this service life and getting his Death Certificate from the GRO will clarify cause of death.

    If you wish to help then you can add to the legacy of a late dutch W/O with some detail of a late RAF W/O.

  6. Abridge trier

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    Okay Ross I will follow your guidance


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