977837 Sergeant Kenneth LEYSHON, 61 Squadron, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve: 07/04/1942

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    Remembering Today

    Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner)LEYSHON, KENNETH
    Service Number 977837
    Died 07/04/1942
    Aged 21
    61 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    Son of Sidney and Lucy Annetta Leyshon, of Swansea.
    Location: Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
    Number of casualties: 983
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Coll. grave 3. E. 8-13.
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    Cambrian Daily Leader, 17 Oct 1918:


    24 George Street , Swansea C.B., Glamorganshire, Wales
    Sidney Leyshon 04 Dec 1887 Speech Therapist (Local E A)
    Lucy A Leyshon 20 Sep 1892 Unpaid Domestic Duties
    Kenneth Leyshon 30 Jul 1920 Insurance Clerk
    Sorry, this record is officially closed.
    Lucy Island 03 Mar 1864 Private Means

    July 21st, 1915 STAMMERING CHILDREN.-
    The Brighton corporation at a recent meeting ratified a recommendation of the education authority to appoint Mr. Sidney Leyshon as whole- time officer for the purpose of teaching children suffering from speech defects.

    NAME: Sidney Leyshon
    DEATH: 28 Jan 1964 - Swansea
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    Details of the above loss..

    6-7 April 1942

    61 Squadron
    Manchester I L7470 QR-
    Op. Essen

    Took off from Woolfox Lodge at 0035 hours. Shot down by a night-fighter (Oblt. Eckart-Wilhelm von Bonin, II./NJG1)
    and crashed at Piringen (Limburg) 3 km east north east of Tongeren, Belgium.


    F/S. E W. Noble +
    Sgt. L J H. Lincoln RNZAF +
    Sgt. R E. Newton +
    Sgt. K. Layshon +
    Sgt. D P G. Kent +
    Sgt. N J. Patton +
    Sgt. G H. Walker +

    Source - RAF Bomber Command Losses Vol.3 - W R. Chorley.

    During the course of 1942 RAF Bomber Command visited Essen on 37 occasions. 3724 aircraft were dispatched with 2674 attacking the target, Industry, Transport and Oil. 2214 tons of HE along with 2381 tons of Incendiaries were dropped. 191 aircraft were missing or lost.
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