Abbreviation "AF A2"

Discussion in 'Service Records' started by Gourami, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. Gourami

    Gourami Faugh a Ballagh

    In my great-grandfather's service records in the Injuries in or by the Service box it says
    "Injury to head (AF A2). What does "AF A2" at the end of that mean, if anything?
  2. Robert-w

    Robert-w Banned

    Could be Army Form A2 Proceedings of Medical Board ?
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  3. Temujin

    Temujin Member

    I did find this, but I can’t confirm what type of Form or information would be on that form

  4. Gourami

    Gourami Faugh a Ballagh

    Perhaps "A2" on his record is a reference to the outcome of an application for his injury to be recognised. The bottom of the page states, in relation to the injuries section "Only applies to injuries received by a soldier where a court of enquiry has decided that the injury was received whilst on duty and that the soldier was not to blame."

    I initially believed it noted that another form was to be referred to with more detail to the injury/incident.

    Thank you.
  5. Robert-w

    Robert-w Banned

    I think you are probably correct and details of the injury will be found on the Proceedings of Medical Board

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