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    Hello good people of the forum.
    I have my grandmothers ATS service file.
    Can someone please help with the abbreviations and acronyms etc on it, and put it into something I can understand.
    Your time and help are greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    The images are a little small/low resolution, but to assist others I've rotated them to the horizontal.


    image_2.jpg image_3.jpg
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  4. cww

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    Am I better off putting this on the service record part of the forum?
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    I think you’re OK here.

    Perhaps it might attract more attention if you change the title and replace “file” with “service record”?

    I’ll ask a MOD to do it if you can’t manage it.

    I know little about ATS but will do a little digging and hopefully get back to you over the weekend - unless someone beats me to it.

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    Thanks Steve, can't seem to be able to change it.
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    I’ve asked a Moderator to do it.

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    Thank you, all done.
    I've tried looking but to no avail, can't work what the abbreviations are, also some information on the units I'd be greatful for please, again, very little on the ATS.
    I'd be very greatful, thank you for your time

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    For an overview and rank structure information -

    Auxiliary Territorial Service - Wikipedia

    Looking at the first sheet -

    Appointed to ATS 22nd Feb 1939 and joined at General Duties Base?

    Appointed as Deputy Company Commander 19 General Duties Company 19 County of London Company ATS (from General Duties Base?) 2nd March 1939

    Attended a course of instruction at General Duties Base 27th March 1939 until 4th April 1939 - written as 4.3.39

    Embodied for Duty as Junior Commander with ??? TA Unit in Command of 19 General Duties Company 4th Sept 1939 NB I think all the handwritten entries may have been made post June 1941 as JC rank only used from that date.

    Reported for duty at War Station I/C 19 GD Coy 16th Sept 1939 (per order 15.9.39)

    Moved from Group 1 to Group 4 as I/C 19 C/London Platoon (probably should read Company?) 14th Feb 1940. I suspect this is a move from south of England to North West England

    Transfers to 3rd West Lancashire Platoon at Preston (probably should be Company) as Junior Commander 6th April 1940

    Appointed to Western Command ATS Reception Depot (presumably Lancaster area) 27th May 1941.

    See below link with mention of this unit being at Ripley Barracks, Lancaster in 1942 -

    BBC - WW2 People's War - Army Post Office WW2

    Moving on to the second sheet -

    The first entry dated 27th May 1940 repeats the last entry regarding the posting to Lancaster Reception Depot but appears to mention accommodation and rationing issues but it is quite blurred and impossible for me to interpret.

    There are then 3 entries regarding short periods of compassionate leave in June & July 1940 until an entry dated 5th August 1940 shows she is temporarily posted and held on the strength of Southern Command Reception Depot at Aldermaston.

    On 12th November 1940 she is posted to Shoeburyness to 7 Group E E Experimental Station.

    MoD Shoeburyness - Wikipedia

    On 27th November 1940 she is posted as Adjutant, 7 Group ATS, HQ Eastern Command

    She is granted 3 days compassionate leave in December 1940 and is shown as being posted to the “unemployed list” on 7th January 1941 - presumably “leave” without pay and likely due to illness or for compassionate reasons.

    She resumes “active duty’ 4th March 1941 at the lower rank of Company Assistant in what appears to be Group 7 Northern Command.

    Sheet two ends with 7 days compassionate leave in April 1941 with “L R R A” - Local Rate Ration Allowance

    Sheet 3 commences with a posting from Group 7 Northern Command to Northern Command Reception Depot on her return from compassionate leave 12th April 1941.

    She commences her final period of compassionate leave 15th May 1941 until what appears to be 27th June 1941 but that date does not fit in with her discharge from ATS in the rank of 2nd Lieutenant on what appears to be 18th June 1941.

    Hope all the above makes sense?

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  10. cww

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    This is great,
    Thank you for your help and time so far.
    Dad sent these earlier, might help, same record but typed!why he didn't send these before I don't know, bless him.
    Might make working out the hand written one easier.
  11. cww

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    Here they are

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  12. Tullybrone

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    You posted while I was looking to the remaining pages.

    Yes those typed pages would have been very helpful. :whistle:

    They seem self explanatory and would’ve saved me time in trying to decipher the previous blurred images. I will leave it to others to add to the detail in the typed records - but as I say they appear to be self explanatory.

  13. cww

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    It would have been easier.
    However, the written one has more detail, so I think your efforts were not in vain, such as Shoeburyness, not on typed one, what was no7 Group EE experimental station, was that attached to the Royal Artillery? And when she became Adjutant was that the same unit.
    Your time and help are greatly appreciated, thank you.
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    I’m afraid I’ll leave it to you to research Shoeburyness. There are various articles on the internet but you may want to open a separate topic in the RA sub forum about that establishment.

    The 27th November 1940 posting as Adjutant is to Group 7 HQ Eastern Command but I can’t interpret further. Again an internet search may provide you with more avenues of enquiry.

    Good Luck

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    I'll do that Steve, your help and time on this thread is greatly appreciated.
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