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Discussion in 'General' started by Oldleg, Aug 19, 2017.

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    I am going to be in London soon and I want to find out what documents are in the National archives about a certain resistant by the name of Huguette Verhague who lived here in Normandy. Can anyone tell me where I should look in the archives? Some of you will have heard me talk about her over and over again and I really want to delve deep into what she did. She not only hid airmen in '44, she also helped families in the UK find out what happened to their loved ones, many of which died here in France. I believe that she had a lot more than what is locally known but do not know where to look in the UK.

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    Mme Hugette Verhague who lived at Abbe de Mortemer, near Lisors, received an award at level 5 for helping evaders together with the repayment of Fr 30,000 expenses. As such there is very little likelihood of finding any reference to her activities in the UK archives under her own name. However as she helped a number of evaders it is very possible that there will be a helpers file at NARA in Washington. If you know the names of any of the evaders that she helped it would be worth looking at their escape and evasion reports that will provide an insight into the assistance that she offered.
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    NARA do have some as some one had passed me a copy of her file. I know that soon after the war she visited soe of the offers of the 1st Batallion of the Middlessex regiment at their headquaters when they were in Lisors, I think around about sept 1944. Although I am sure of the date, I know this for a fact as she wrote this in a letter to a friend in 1945. Does any know how 30 000 francs was compaired to UK currency of the time and how muuch it would be now days in pounds.
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    Contact Jedburgh22 - if anyone knows of information on her then he will.


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    Last time I used Francs was in 1999 and there were in the region of 10 francs = £1 for ease of exchange rates
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    1999 was after the franc was devalued back in about 1960. 100 old francs became 1 new franc, so the rate of exchange in 1999 does not have much relevance to the rate of exchange in 1944!
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    I dont think I did say it had much relevance - just stated the approx rate at a time I exchanged, and supported that with dates

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    Chris, sorry for the late reply. I will contact him, cheers. Alex.

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