African American soldiers based in UK during WW2

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    Hello all :)

    I'm currently writing my dissertation on African American soldiers based on Britain during WW2 and lloking for any information you guys have. Books, articles, personal experiences, quotes, websites - i'm really inetersted in anything at all - if you have got any persoanl anecdotes or comments, i will likely ask your permission to quote you personally in my dissertation.

    i am particularly interested in the interaction between the british public and african american soldiers and white american soldiers - disputes, frienships etc

    If you're interested in this subject the key book is 'When Jim Crowe Met John Bull' by Graham Smith whcih covers political aspects, 'brown babies' and race riots etc

    Thanks :poppy:
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    A small town called Bamber Bridge, near Preston, Lancashire, had a huge riot between the White and Black American soldiers.
    You can try the Lancashire Evening Post, the local paper for info. Believe at least one person was killed.

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    I've seen at least one documentary on this subject , though I don't remember details .
    I believe I also remember an article in "The Guardian" , years ago .
    I have been told that an all Africanb Ameican warship visited Belfast during the war . There may be somethbing in the Belfast Telegraph .
    And didn't the African American Air Force group have to fly with the British ? I think I learned about that in one of the museums in Washington .
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    This may interest you:

    Second World War Online Learning Resource for Northern Ireland

    From the above site,

    "Below is an extract from a letter from a Black GI to the members of the Northern Ireland Government.
    'Dear Sirs,
    I am an American, coloured, soldier. My group of fellows have been stationed here in Antrim for 9 months. We are trying to do our part in the fight for freedom, but since we have been here we have met so much sergregation [sic], prejudice and strife. Some time we doubt the allied cause.

    We are stationed near Antrim, located in the town, at the establishments of Hall’s and Murphy’s. They are hotel owners. In visiting these establishments, we have been sergregated. To describe one incident, a friend and I visited Hall’s, they refused to serve us because we are coloured. Dear Sir, you and I both know that regardless of colour, we are all human. We come to Ireland not because we wanted to, but we came to do our part in the war. Since being here we have gained the respect of the people of Ireland.

    One town in particular is Carrickfergus. We were there for five weeks and I can assure you that we were perfect gentlemen. When we left the people cried; they want us to stay there. The people of that town is giving us a party on the 23rd of this month. Sir, for the people like us then we must be gentlemen. The wee kids here they cried for us to return to them. We visit them at every opportunity. The people are always glad to see us. If we treat the people nice, then they should treat us the same. I believe that you are a man of justice and I think that you believe is right.
    Regardless to where a man is born or regardless to his colour, every man has his right to enjoy life here on this earth. Just because I am a dark man doesn’t mean I am not intelligent. The anatomy of the white man is the same as the dark man. God created all men as brother, and my belief is that since we are all here in Ireland we should live as brothers and sisters and not as enemies. We hate to walk the streets of Belfast merely because we are insulted. They use the words ‘nigger’ and ‘darky’. Those are two words that we hate. Those words were brought here by the American whites. The American whites taught the people those words in order to start strife and envy among the people and us. The Americans are the lowest breed of the human race. They fear us because of our ability to advance in knowledge. We want to be friends of the Irish, not enemies. We want the people to like us not hate us. If your people visit Africa, or some dark continent, they should be treated as human.

    Sir, will you try your influence on the people? To show our love for the Irish children, our battalion raised a fund to support an Irish orphan for five years. We love the children and they love us. As I walked through the streets of Ireland, accepting insults, I sometime wonder if the people are ignorant to the fact that they are insulting us. Please try your influence to correct the people on these errors. Print it in the paper that we are coloured Americans not niggers or darkies. Lately we have had fights with British sailors and soldiers. They call us Black Bastards, son-of bitches. We take these to a certain degree. Carrickfergus is the only town in Northern Ireland that we like because when we visited there we are treated like human. I believe all Irish are kind. I would reveal my name but if I did the American Authorities would Court Martial me. They don’t like the truth.

    I close in the name of the God of all men.
    A coloured soldier.'
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    With this link you can see images of the original letter quoted in my previous post.
    Page Record Details

    Also from PRONI, "a Report from the Inspector General’s Office to the Ministry of Home Affairs dated 5 November 1943, setting out details of a ‘fracas’ between three American soldiers."
    Associated Image

    Hoping this is something which helps and is new information to you,

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    Hi, I have information from the local paper,that told of a black GI being killed in Antrim," army camp at lough shore, camp home to black american GIs but after one of them was murdered by a white soldier near Masserene bridge they were moved elsewhere." This happened in october 1942, it was said he was killed because of interracial dating.
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    Photo of African American troops during WW2 in Northern ireland
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    US Army in Northern Ireland, 1941-1945



    Order of Battle

    Headquarters, United States Army Northern Ireland Force (USANIF)
    Headquarters, Northern Ireland Base Section
    • XXXVI North Ireland Base Section
    • XXXVII North Ireland Base Section
    • XXXVIII North Ireland Base Section
    • XXXIX North Ireland Base Section
    Northern Ireland District, Western Base Section
    V Corps
    • Headquarters and Headquarters Company, V Corps(2)
    XV Corps
    • Headquarters and Headquarters Company,(3) XV Corps
    • Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, XV Corps Artillery
    • 1st Armored Division(4)
    • Headquarters Detachment, Combat Command A(5)
    • Headquarters Detachment, Combat Command B(6)
    • 1st Armor (1st Battalion M-3 light tanks)
    • 13th Armor (1st Battalion M-3 light tanks)
    • 6th Armored Infantry
    • 16th Armored Engineer Battalion
    • 81st Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 141st Armored Signal Company
    • Headquarters, 1st Armored Division Artillery Command(7)
      27th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (105mm self-propelled)
    • 68th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (105mm self-propelled)
    • 91st Armored Field Artillery Battalion (105mm self-propelled)
    [*]Headquarters Company, 1st Armored Division
    [*]Service Company, 1st Armored Division(8)
    [*]1st Armored Division Trains
    • Headquarters Detachment, 1st Armored Division Trains
    • Supply Battalion, 1st Armored Division(9)
    • Maintenance Battalion, 1st Armored Division
    • 47th Armored Medical Battalion
    2d Infantry Division(10)
    • 9th Infantry
    • 23d Infantry
    • 38th Infantry
    • 2d Infantry Division Artillery
      Headquarters Battery, 2d Infantry Division Artillery
    • 12th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
    • 15th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
    • 37th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
    • 38th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
    [*]2d Engineer Battalion
    [*]2d Medical Battalion
    [*]2d Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized
    [*]Headquarters, Special Troops, 2d Infantry Division
    • 2d Quartermaster Company
    • 2d Signal Company
    • 702d Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
    • Headquarters Company, 2d Infantry Division
    • Military Police Platoon, 2d Infantry Division
    • 2d Infantry Division Band
    5th Infantry Division
    • 2d Infantry
    • 10th Infantry
    • 11th Infantry
    • 5th Infantry Division Artillery
      Headquarters Battery, 5th Infantry Division Artillery
    • 19th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
    • 21st Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
    • 46th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
    • 50th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
    [*]5th Medical Battalion
    [*]7th Engineer Combat Battalion
    [*]5th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized (M-48 scout car)
    [*]Headquarters, Special Troops, 5th Infantry Division
    • 5th Quartermaster Company
    • 5th Signal Company
    • 705th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
    • Headquarters Company, 5th Infantry Division
    • Military Police Platoon, 5th Infantry Division
    • 5th Infantry Division Band
    8th Infantry Division
    • 13th Infantry
    • 28th Infantry
    • 121st Infantry [Georgia National Guard]
    • 8th Infantry Division Artillery
      Headquarters Battery, 8th Infantry Division Artillery
    • 28th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
    • 43d Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
    • 45th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
    • 56th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
    [*]8th Medical Battalion
    [*]12th Engineer Combat Battalion
    [*]8th Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized
    [*]Headquarters, Special Troops, 8th Infantry Division
    • 8th Quartermaster Company
    • 8th Signal Company
    • 708th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
    • Headquarters Company, 8th Infantry Division
    • Military Police Platoon, 8th Infantry Division
    • 8th Infantry Division Band
    34th Infantry Division(11) [Iowa National Guard]
    • 133d Infantry [Iowa National Guard]
    • 135th Infantry [Minnesota National Guard]
    • 168th Infantry [Iowa National Guard]
    • 34th Infantry Division Artillery
      Headquarters Battery, 34th Infantry Division Artillery [Minnesota National Guard]
    • Band, 34th Infantry Division Artillery [Minnesota National Guard]
    • 125th Field Artillery Battalion [Minnesota National Guard]
    • 151st Field Artillery Battalion [Minnesota National Guard]
    • 175th Field Artillery Battalion [Minnesota National Guard]
    • 185th Field Artillery Battalion [Iowa National Guard]
    [*]109th Engineer Battalion (Combat) [South Dakota National Guard]
    [*]109th Medical Battalion [Iowa National Guard]
    [*]109th Quartermaster Battalion [Minnesota and South Dakota National Guards]
    [*]34th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop [Iowa and Minnesota National Guards]
    [*]34th Signal Company [South Dakota National Guard]
    [*]Headquarters Company and Military Police Platoon, 34th
    • Infantry Division [Iowa National Guard less Military
    • Police Platoon which is Minnesota National Guard]
    82d Airborne Division(12)
    • 325th Glider Infantry
    • 505th Parachute Infantry
    • 82d Airborne Division Artillery
      319th Glider Field Artillery Battalion (75mm pack)
    • 320th Glider Field Artillery Battalion (75mm pack)
    • 376th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion (75mm pack)
    • 456th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion (75mm pack)
    • 82d Airborne Division Artillery Band
    [*]80th Airborne Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
    [*]307th Airborne Engineer Battalion
    [*]307th Airborne Medical Company
    [*]Headquarters, Special Troops, 82d Airborne Division
    • 82d Airborne Signal Company
    • 407th Airborne Quartermaster Company
    • 782d Airborne Ordnance Company
    • Headquarters Company, 82d Airborne Division
    • Military Police Platoon, 82d Airborne Division
    Non-Divisional Units


    507th Parachute Infantry
    508th Parachute Infantry
    3d Battalion (less Companies I and K), 156 Infantry
    1st Ranger Battalion(13)
    Armor, Tank Destroyer or Cavalry

    6th Cavalry(14)
    • 6th Cavalry Band
    Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 6th Cavalry Group, Mechanized
    6th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized(15)
    28th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized(16)
    644th Tank Destroyer Battalion (XV Corps)
    654th Tank Destroyer Battalion (Light) (Self-Propelled) (XV Corps)
    818th Tank Destroyer Battalion (XV Corps)
    Field Artillery

    3d Field Artillery Observation Battalion (XV Corps)
    Coast or Antiaircraft Artillery

    209th Coast Artillery (Antiaircraft) (V Corps) [New York National Guard](17)
    103d Coast Artillery Battalion (Separate) (Antiaircraft)
    (37mm) (V Corps) [Kentucky National Guard]
    106th Coast Artillery Battalion (Antiaircraft) (Automatic
    Weapons) (V Corps) [Kentucky National Guard]
    376th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion (Mobile)(18)
    405th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion (Semi-mobile)(19)
    Corps of Engineers

    112th Engineers (Combat) (V Corps)(20)
    591st Engineer Boat Regiment
    107th Engineer Battalion (Combat) [Michigan National Guard]
    112th Engineer Battalion (Combat) [Ohio National Guard](21)
    397th Engineer Depot Company (V Corps)
    427th Engineer Dump Truck Company
    457th Engineer Depot Company
    467th Engineer Maintenance Company (V Corps)(22)
    518th Engineer Company(23)
    666th Engineer Topographic Company (XV Corps)
    1593d Engineer Utilities Detachment(24)
    Engineer Depot E-510
    Military Police Corps

    713th Military Police Battalion (Zone of Interior)
    Advance Detachment, 780th Military Police Battalion (Zone of Interior) (Colored)
    205th Military Police Company
    234th Military Police Company
    252d Military Police Company (Aviation) (Post, Camp or Station)(25)
    285th Military Police Company (Post, Camp or Station)
    895th Military Police Company (Aviation)
    897th Military Police Company (Aviation)
    12th Military Police Criminal Investigation Section
    Signal Corps

    56th Signal Battalion
    63d Signal Battalion
    92d Signal Battalion
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    Installation Platoon 1, Company C, 850th Signal ServiceBattalion
    Operation Platoon, 122d Signal Radio Intelligence Company
    Section, 1st Platoon, 161st Signal Photographic Company(26)
    Detachment E, 162d Signal Photographic Company
    166th Signal Photographic Company
    187th Signal Repair Company
    203d Signal Depot Company (V Corps)
    401st Signal Company, Aviation(27)
    818th Signal Port Service Company
    Detachment B, 827th Signal Depot Company (V Corps)
    839th Signal Service Company
    576th Signal Construction Operation Platoon
    Detachment, 106th Signal Inspection and Maintenance Team
    Chemical Corps

    Chemical Depot C-910(28)
    16th Chemical Maintenance Company
    115th Chemical Processing Company
    229th Chemical Base Depot Company
    Medical Corps

    Detachment, 2d General Hospital(29)
    2d Evacuation Hospital (V Corps)
    5th General Hospital(30)
    7th Field Hospital (135-bed)
    28th Station Hospital (250-bed)
    32d Evacuation Hospital (Semi-mobile)
    36th Station Hospital (250-bed)
    68th Station Hospital (250-bed)
    79th General Hospital (1,000-bed)
    160th Station Hospital (250-bed) (V Corps)
    44th Hospital Train
    Detachment, 4th Medical Supply Depot
    Section, 8th Medical Supply Depot
    11th Medical Supply Depot (less Base Platoon)
    53d Medical Battalion (V Corps)
    HHD, 436th Medical Battalion
    436th Medical Collecting Company (XV Corps)
    861st Medical Service Detachment
    6814th Medical Dispensary Section (10-bed)
    Ordnance Corps

    Ordnance Depot O-601
    Ordnance Depot O-602
    Ordnance Depot O-621
    Ordnance Depot O-688
    Company E, 53d Ordnance Regiment(31)
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 22d Ordnance Battalion
    Company E, 53d Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Battalion(32)
    Elements, 71st Ordnance Battalion (Light Maintenance)(33)
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 254th OrdnanceBattalion
    14th Ordnance Company (Medium Maintenance) (V Corps)
    47th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
    53d Ordnance Company (Ammunition)
    79th Ordnance Company (Depot)
    109th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company (V Corps) [Minnesota National Guard]
    158th Ordnance Tire Repair Company
    314th Ordnance Depot Company(34)
    346th Ordnance Depot Company
    518th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company
    522d Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company
    552d Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company
    883d Ordnance Heavy Automotive Maintenance Company
    994th Ordnance Heavy Automotive Maintenance Company
    3422d Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company(35)
    3423d Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company(36)
    3424th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company(37)
    3440th Ordnance Medium Automotive Maintenance Company
    39th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad
    40th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad
    67th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad
    Quartermaster Corps

    Quartermaster Depot Q-111(38)
    Quartermaster Depot Q-161(39)
    28th Quartermaster Regiment (Colored) (less 1st Battalion)
    Company E, 53d Quartermaster Regiment(40)
    Company K, 467th Quartermaster Truck Regiment(41)
    Company I, 467th Quartermaster Truck Regiment(42)
    Company L, 467th Quartermaster Truck Regiment(43)
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    Company I, 513th Quartermaster Truck Regiment(45)
    Company L, 519th Quartermaster Truck Regiment(46)
    Company M, 519th Quartermaster Truck Regiment(47)
    Company K, 520th Quartermaster Truck Regiment(48)
    Company A, 60th Quartermaster Battalion
    1st Section, 1st Platoon, Company A, 63d QuartermasterBattalion (Laundry)
    Elements, 71st Quartermaster Battalion (LightMaintenance) (V Corps)(49)
    Headqharters and Headquarters Detachment
    Company A, 71st Quartermaster Battalion
    Company B, 71st Quartermaster Battalion(50)
    Company C, 71st Quartermaster Battalion(51)
    Company D, 71st Quartermaster Battalion(52)
    1st Platoon, Company D, 94th Quartermaster Battalion (Bakery)
    Detachment, Service Company, 109th Quartermaster Regiment
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 152d
    Quartermaster Battalion (Mobile)(53)
    Company A, 205th Quartermaster Battalion (Gas Supply)(54)
    Company D, 214th Quartermaster Gas Supply Battalion(55)
    Company A, 301st Quartermaster Battalion (V Corps)
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 307th
    Quartermaster Sterilization Battalion
    Company A, 307th Quartermaster Sterilization Battalion(56)
    Company B, 307th Quartermaster Sterilization Battalion(57)
    Company C, 307th Quartermaster Sterilization Battalion(58)
    Company D, 307th Quartermaster Sterilization Battalion(59)
    361st Quartermaster Battalion [1st Engineer Special Brigade]
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 544th
    Quartermaster Service Battalion (Colored)
    Company A, 544th Quartermaster Service Battalion (Colored)(60)
    Company B, 544th Quartermaster Service Battalion (Colored)(61)
    Company C, 544th Quartermaster Service Battalion (Colored)(62)
    Company D, 544th Quartermaster Service Battalion (Colored)(63)
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 563d
    Quartermaster Battalion (Colored) (XV Corps)
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 579th
    Quartermaster Battalion
    136th Quartermaster Truck Company [Nebraska National Guard]
    194th Quartermaster Gas Supply Company
    246th Quartermaster Depot Company (Supply) (V Corps)
    268th Quartermaster Bakery Company
    294th Quartermaster Salvage Repair Company (Semi-mobile)(64)
    302d Quartermaster Railhead Company (Colored)
    313th Quartermaster Motor Transport Company
    314th Quartermaster Motor Transport Company
    552d Quartermaster Railhead Company
    553d Quartermaster Railhead Company
    608th Quartermaster Graves Registration Company
    700th Quartermaster Depot Company
    2001st Quartermaster Supply Company (Provisional)
    3012th Quartermaster Bakery Company (Mobile) (Special)
    3019th Quartermaster Bakery Company (Mobile) (Special)
    3028th Quartermaster Bakery Company
    3630th Quartermaster Truck Company (Heavy)
    3631st Quartermaster Truck Company (Heavy)
    3882d Quartermaster Truck Company (Heavy)
    3889th Quartermaster Truck Company (Heavy)
    3940th Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company
    3991st Quartermaster Truck Company (Colored)
    3992d Quartermaster Truck Company (Heavy) (Colored)
    4010th Quartermaster Truck Company (Colored)
    4049th Quartermaster Truck Company (Colored)
    4050th Quartermaster Truck Company (Colored)
    4190th Quartermaster Service Company (Colored)
    4191st Quartermaster Service Company (Colored)
    4192d Quartermaster Service Company (Colored)
    4193d Quartermaster Service Company
    4234th Quartermaster Sterilization Company
    4235th Quartermaster Sterilization Company
    4236th Quartermaster Sterilization Company
    4237th Quartermaster Sterilization Company
    Headquarters, 4556th Quartermaster Service Company
    Headquarters, 4557th Quartermaster Service Company
    Headquarters, 4558th Quartermaster Service Company
    Detachment, 22d Quartermaster Company
    2d Platoon, 506th Quartermaster Car Company
    Transportation Corps

    Northern Ireland Ports
    Headquarters, Port Transportation Corps 291(65)
    7th Port Headquarters and Headquarters Company
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 500th Port
    262d Port Company (Colored)
    263d Port Company (Colored)
    264th Port Company (Colored)
    265th Port Company (Colored)
    273d Port Company (Colored)

    Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 12th Replacement Depot
    Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 16th Replacement Depot
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 39th Replacement Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 47th Replacement Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 65th Replacement Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 66th Replacement Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 67th Replacement Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 68th Replacement Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 69th Replacement Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 84th Replacement Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 87th Replacement Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 88th Replacement Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 89th Replacement Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 90th Replacement Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 92d Replacement Battalion
    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 93d Replacement Battalion
    6817th Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, Replacement Battalion (Provisional) (Field Force Replacement Depot No. 8)
    19th Special Services Company
    179th Replacement Company (39th Replacement Battalion)
    180th Replacement Company (39th Replacement Battalion)
    181st Replacement Company (39th Replacement Battalion)
    194th Replacement Company (47th Replacement Battalion)
    195th Replacement Company (47th Replacement Battalion)
    196th Replacement Company (47th Replacement Battalion)
    212th Replacement Company (65th Replacement Battalion)
    213th Replacement Company (65th Replacement Battalion)
    214th Replacement Company (65th Replacement Battalion)
    215th Replacement Company (66th Replacement Battalion)
    216th Replacement Company (66th Replacement Battalion)
    217th Replacement Company (66th Replacement Battalion)
    218th Replacement Company (67th Replacement Battalion)
    219th Replacement Company (67th Replacement Battalion)
    220th Replacement Company (67th Replacement Battalion)
    221st Replacement Company (68th Replacement Battalion)
    222d Replacement Company (68th Replacement Battalion)
    223d Replacement Company (68th Replacement Battalion)
    224th Replacement Company (69th Replacement Battalion)
    225th Replacement Company (69th Replacement Battalion)
    229th Replacement Company
    230th Replacement Company (71st Replacement Battalion)
    231st Replacement Company (71st Replacement Battalion)
    232d Replacement Company (71st Replacement Battalion)
    233d Replacement Company (72d Replacement Battalion)
    234th Replacement Company (72d Replacement Battalion)
    235th Replacement Company (72d Replacement Battalion)
    336th Replacement Company
    337th Replacement Company
    338th Replacement Company
    339th Replacement Company
    340th Replacement Company
    341st Replacement Company
    342d Replacement Company
    343d Replacement Company
    344th Replacement Company
    345th Replacement Company
    346th Replacement Company
    347th Replacement Company
    348th Replacement Company
    349th Replacement Company
    350th Replacement Company
    351st Replacement Company
    352d Replacement Company
    476th Replacement Company (90th Replacement Battalion)
    477th Replacement Company (90th Replacement Battalion)
    478th Replacement Company (90th Replacement Battalion)
    479th Replacement Company
    480th Replacement Company (69th Replacement Battalion)
    481st Replacement Company
    482d Replacement Company
    483d Replacement Company
    484th Replacement Company
    485th Replacement Company
    486th Replacement Company
    487th Replacement Company
    488th Replacement Company
    489th Replacement Company
    6843d Replacement Company (Provisional) (Field Force Replacement Depot No. 8)
    6844th Replacement Company (Provisional) (Field Force Replacement Depot No. 8)
    6845th Replacement Company (Provisional) (Field Force Replacement Depot No. 8)
    6846th Replacement Company (Provisional) (Field Force Replacement Depot No. 8)
    6847th Replacement Company (Provisional) (Field Force Replacement Depot No. 8)
    2d Postal Regulating Section
    13th Postal Regulating Section
    54th Finance Disbursing Section
    55th Finance Disbursing Section
    135th Finance Disbursing Section
    128th Army Postal Unit
    129th Army Postal Unit
    131st Army Postal Unit
    132d Army Postal Unit
    133d Army Postal Unit
    139th Army Postal Unit
    146th Army Postal Unit
    147th Army Postal Unit
    153d Army Postal Unit
    577th Army Postal Unit
    636th Army Postal Unit
    813th Army Postal Unit
    Base Censor Office No. 1
    277th Army Band [National Guard]
    Disciplinary Training Center No. 1
    Disciplinary Training Center No. 5
    Disciplinary Training Center No.
    Field Force Replacement Depot No. 5(67)
    Field Force Replacement System Depot No. 6(68)
    Field Force Replacement System Depot No. 8(69)
    Replacement Depot No. 1
    General Depot, G-10(70)
    Replacement Company E (Guard)
    Lisnabreeny Cemetery
    ARMY AIR FORCE (Primarily Eighth Air Force)

    VIII Air Force Composite Command
    • Postal Section, VIII Air Force Composite Command
    • 38th Signal Company (Service Group)(71)
    Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, 2d CCRC Group(72)
    • 2d Replacement and Training Squadron(73)
    Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, 3d CCRC Group
    • 3d Replacement and Training Squadron(74)
    Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, 4th CCRC Group
    • 4th Replacement and Training Squadron
    Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, 7th Air Depot Group
    Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, 39th Service Group
    Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, 42d Air Depot Group
    • 42d Depot Repair Squadron
    • 42d Depot Support Squadron
    Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, 325th Air Service Group
    Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, 328th Air Service Group
    Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, 403d Base Air Depot
    5th Airdrome Squadron
    34th Station Complement Squadron
    35th Station Complement Squadron
    37th Station Complement Squadron
    47th Station Complement Squadron
    65th Airdrome Squadron
    81st Station Complement Squadron
    86th Depot Repair Squadron
    311th Ferrying Squadron(75)
    312th Ferrying Squadron(76)
    321st Transport Squadron
    325th Ferrying Squadron
    343d Air Service Squadron
    375th Service Squadron
    465th Service Squadron
    556th Service Squadron
    38th Signal Company, Service Group(77)
    407th Quartermaster Company, Air Depot Group
    694th Ordnance Company (Medium Maintenance), Aviation
    759th Quartermaster Truck Company (Colored)
    769th Ordnance Company (Aviation) (Air Depot)
    984th Military Police Company, Aviation
    1038th Signal Company, Service Group(78)
    1056th Quartermaster Company, Service Group
    1110th Signal Company, Service Group
    1145th Military Police Company, Aviation
    1195th Military Police Company, Aviation
    1253d Military Police Company, Aviation
    1261st Military Police Company, Aviation
    1262d Military Police Company, Aviation
    1385th Military Police Company, Aviation(79)
    1694th Ordnance Supply and Maintenance Company, Aviation
    1730th Ordnance Supply and Maintenance Company, Aviation
    1802d Ordnance Supply and Maintenance Company, Aviation
    1947th Quartermaster Truck Company, Aviation (Colored)
    2211th Quartermaster Truck Company, Aviation
    442d Quartermaster Platoon, Air Depot Group
    2069th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon, Aviation
    2107th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon, Aviation
    4th Gunnery and Tow Target Flight
    4th Army Air Force Combat Camera Unit
    1404th Army Air Force Base Unit(80)
    401st Provisional Station Gas Defense Detachment
    Mobile Training Unit No. 37 (B-24) (Provisional)
    Mobile Training Unit No. 38 (B-24) (Provisional)
    Station No. 2, European Wing Air Transport Command(81)
    Station Complement Squadron, Air Base Depot No. 3(82)
    Station Complement Squadron (Special), Army Air Force Station 597

    At its height, in 1943 - there where 120,000 US Troops situated in Northern Ireland.
  12. Mathsmal

    Mathsmal Senior Member

    There was also a violent incident at Kingsclere in 1944. This is a comprehensive write up:

    I have heard of incidents in Devon, including the body of serviceman being fished out of the sea with fatal stab wounds (I am trying to recall the source - may be Gerald Wasley's Devon At War).

    After the Battle magazine had a detailed article on executions at Shepton Mallet prison - most of whom seemed to be African American troops.

    I also recall hearing a story about a white American soldier who got a heavy beating from a Maori serviceman in a pub after he directed a couple of unfriendly comments in his direction - can't say where that was though!
  13. arkrite

    arkrite Senior Member

    On the BBC Peoples War website are references to the American Forces stationed near Leominster, Herefordshire. Fights broke out between white and coloured troops so it was decided white troops would have access to the town on different days to the coloured troops. Must have been the most exciting thing to have happened in Leominster.
  14. Jez

    Jez Junior Member

    Further to the above, I believe that coloureds were not entirely restricted to Service Battalions. In the book “Wild Blue” Ambrose refers to a coloured fighter unit with exceptional skills when deployed during the protection of Liberators bombers. Also, I seem to recall that during the Battle of the Bulge a coloured tanks regiment was deployed, at very short notice, in order to plug the gap. The regiment had been in training but, until that point, there was no intention to use them in battle.
    I hope this helps.
    Also, the executions in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, prison (some 20 I believe) were undertaken by Albert Pierpoint – one of the official British executioners. See his autobiography for further, but brief, details.

    By the way, what a great picture of black GI’s above. If only pictures could talk, we could hear the men’s own account of their treatment & experience of the War and the US Army.

    Regards Jez.
  15. blunsdon lady

    blunsdon lady Junior Member

    hi gtwomey
    i have just come across your thread,i am doing the same research as you at ruskin college in oxford for a 10 week term.there is a book called rich relations by david reynolds,which does have some original research in it,also juliete gardiner does do snippets of original stuff as well afro- americans in world war two by wynn does also
    touch on the subject bu as you ay the only book ever written is by the briliant graham smith
  16. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

    BL, thank you very much for your curiosity tickling post, but it appears Gtwomey has been here one year ago last time...
  17. SW6_Blues1905

    SW6_Blues1905 Junior Member

    Thanks for the info on this thread. My grandfather was a black soldier who was a member of a QM truck Company stationed in N. Ireland before heading over to England for D-Day preparations. (He was in Kingham, Oxfordshire before D-Day)

    My question is, for those who might be knowledgeable, his unit was the 3419th QM Truck Co (TC) when he was in France...could his unit designation have been different while he was in N. Ireland, and subsequently changed when he went to England before Embarkation to the continent?

    My mom and I are trying to put puzzle pieces together to get a clearer picture of his service; where he was at certain times, whether his unit designation changed at any time, etc. He had a knack for giving us tidbits of information, but otherwise keeping us in the dark. After he passed away in 2008, we found out a lot about his post-war service in the State Dept. that no one could've ever imagined! (And we still don't know 95% of that!)

    Any help would be appreciated.

    [​IMG] (he's the one standing)
    Za Rodinu likes this.
  18. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Unfortuantely I can't help but that is a great picture..Which one of those handsome chaps is your grandfather?

  19. SW6_Blues1905

    SW6_Blues1905 Junior Member

  20. Kuno

    Kuno Very Senior Member

    Took me some time to understand, what the meaning of an "African American" could be. I am quite sure that this "title" was invented by somebody close to 'Ku Klux Clan' to express that those Americans with dark skin are different to the "real" Americans. My advise: Be careful with such expressions.

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