After Dunkirk with 2/5 Queen's Royal Regiment , June 1940

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    My father, Walter Herbert Frank Tremayne Gauntlett (nicknamed "Mike" Gauntlett) joined the Queen's Royal Regiment, 5th battalion as a Private on 26.04.1939.
    He was promoted to Corporal 31/08/1940.
    I understand he drove lorries in the area during the period of the retreat from Dunkirk and had to make his way to Cherbourg after the main departure of the British forces.
    At Cherbourg, he was able to return to England in a open-top boat that was strafed by the Luftwaffe.
    He was discharged under Para. 390 (XVI) K.Rs 40 on 08/01/1941 as 'Permanently unfit for any form of Military Service'.
    Any comments, particularly about the exit from Cherbourg and thereafter, would be appreciated.
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    I'm assuming he was with the 2/5th Battalion?

    Here's the units diary page for June 1940 that covers their return to the UK from Cherbourg.
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    Your father was one of 129,000 members of the BEF who were evacuated by merchant ships after Dunkirk between the 5 and the 25 of June 1940. These evacuations, Cycle and then Aerial, rescued 211,000 from NW and Western France and a further 20,000 or more from the South of France. A largely unknown story.
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    Thank you for your quick response.
    I confirm my father was in the 2/5th Battalion.
    I was born on June 27th and so perhaps he returned in time!
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    Just flicking through, im in a Queen's Royal Regiment Living History Group and we go to Bellancourt every May and November, which is where 2/5th Queen's were based.

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