Alexina Campbell Pert - Munitions Worker?

Discussion in 'The Women of WW2' started by DoubleD, Nov 27, 2020.

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    Alexina Campbell Pert
    Born 1921, Alloa, Clacmannanshire.
    Married John Adamson 1945, Alloa
    Died 1989

    The family story is that she worked in a munitions factory near Nottingham in World War Two.

    Does anyone know if there are any records of women who worked in munitions factories and the factories that they worked in; and if so where they are available?

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    It is possible that the lady was conscripted / volunteered into the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) and worked at a facility in Nottingham. My late mother joined them (never asked her if she was conscripted) and served at ROF Nottingham (Chilwell) from 'X' into 1946. See: Auxiliary Territorial Service - Wikipedia

    There are threads here on the ATS. It may be worth, long-term, to apply for a Service Record.
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    ROF Nottingham was a factory manufacturing guns. If she was in munitions (as in ammunition as opposed to guns) it may be she was at Ruddington.
    Ruddington Depot - Wikipedia

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    Thank you very much everyone. Will take a look at the material you've suggested. As you say davidpfpo it's probably worth trying to get hold of her service records.

    Thanks again,

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