Alfred Leonard Westover SAS. AAC, Queen's Royal West Surrey

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    I'm after information on the an below.
    I know he joined the Queen's Royal West Surrey 4/5/43. Transferred to AAC 1/4/44 B198/6449
    Ret QRR 1/12/45
    Re enlisted QRR for 4/5 WEF 9/10/46.
    I've seen pictures with SAS beret and Jump wings over his medal ribbons.
    Alfred Leonard Westover

    Event Date: 4 May 1943

    Regiment Number: 6410804

    Regiment: Queen's Royal West Surrey

    Thanks in advance
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    Picture dated around 1952


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    Hi Simon,

    It would be useful to know what you are trying to find out about him and the reasons, e.g. is he a relative, a friend of your fathers, etc etc - are you trying to trace only his military history or more than that??

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    He is a friends Father. Mum has passed recently Dad has been passed some time. He knew his Dad was in the Army. He's found these photos and would really like to know what his Dad did in the War.
    I have pointed him in the direction of applying for service records.
    I was hoping he may have popped up in someones research.

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    Nice pics, any idea on the battalions he served with? If not your best bet may be a copy of his service records. Looking at the units he served with they may make for interesting reading ;)
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    Latest Picture.
    Drew Details of medals and Regs and Dates

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    I've posted this on another forum but so that people here have the same info:

    I have him on a Special Raiding Squadron (1st SAS) nominal roll of July-November 1943 as '6410804 Parachutist Westover A Queens'. This would confirm both North Africa and Italy Stars. He's not listed on my 3 Troop roll so was a member of 1 or 2 Troop in the SRS taking part ion the invasion of Sicily and of mainland Italy (SRS landings at Capo Murro di Porco and Augusta as part of Op HUSKY, the landing at Bagnara as part of Op BAYTOWN, the landing at Tremolo as part of Op DEVON).

    I'll keep my eyes open for what subunit and ops he would have been on after the SRS was re-established as 1st SAS on 8 February 1944 in Scot;and as part of the SAS Brigade. FYI all brigade members were transferred to the AAC on 1 April 44, the entry hence being blanket for all members of 1st and 2nd SAS Regiments.

    Hope this helps,

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    Fantastic Thank you.
    I can pass this on to his son

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    I think that is his AB64 Pay Book? The trouble is, whilst it lists the regiments it doesn't say what battalion he was in within the regiment. You'd really need to know the battalion to research further to get any detail on where he was and what he was doing.

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