Americans on board Hms LCT1074 when it was torpedoed.

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    I forgot to add that I contacted and they have no records of photographs of the wreck. They suggested I contact the French Government on available research on the ww2 channel sites that were done a few years ago. Darius, thanks for your continued input. Bruce
  2. HMS LCT is incorrect because HMS stands for His Majesty's Ship. It should be just HM LCT.
    MSLCT is another fantasy designation.
    Hlct7074 is what the markings on the bows look like. It's actually LCT 7074. The H is the LCT Squadron she belonged to, and this, as well as her Flotilla number 17, was painted in a slightly different tone of red.
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  3. U 764's War Diary extract as posted by Darius333 in Post #17 above says that at 0645 hrs "Boot steht in einem Pulk von Landungsbooten" ("U-Boat is amidst a bunch of landing craft") before launching its attack from 0704 hrs.

    This "bunch of landing craft" must have been convoy STARLIGHT 76, as per the Admiralty War Diary entries in Posts #2 & #8 above. STARLIGHT (i.e. outward or southbound, sailing at night) convoys or "groups", together with the (returning or northbound) BLUESKY convoys which sailed in daytime, constituted the Shuttle Service (see HMLCT 1134 (Mk4),

    LCT 800 was indeed HM LCT(4) 800. The only other LCT 800 was US LCT(6) 800, launched on 14 Jun 44 and bound for PTO. See Landing Craft Tank Photo Index.
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