Any Help Appreciated Flt. Sgt. George Wainwright 1238479

Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by Robert Wimpenny, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. Robert Wimpenny

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    I am searching for Information on a "family friend" who was KIA 1945
    My research on Ancestry has thrown up a lot of mis leading indeed totally wrong information, i have found family trees with correct family members but wrong person KIA.
    Person in question is Flt. Sgt. George Wainwright, Wireless Operator and Air Gunner Kia Italy 26 March 1945, burried at Padua war cemetary, Italy.
    his details no 1238479 13th sqdn, RAF volunteer reserve,
    I had made notes over 10 years ago that he was somehow with the pathfinders but find no evidence of that, the person who told me used to know him, maybe faded memories after 60 odd years.
    I am Interested to learn off the particular mission when he was killed, how killed ie air to air or ground to air fire ?
    anything about previous missions / service if known ?
    Ideally would like to visit archives in Barnsley has they possibly hold a newspaper obituary, will have to wait till covid restrictions lifted., I have the CWWG photo of his grave plus he also mentioned on a family grave in Barnsley which i have a photo of, thats it, no photo of him (hoping newspaper obituary might have).
    Any help or points in the right direction appreciated.again i am not family, George and his Sister Ivy were close family friends, don't believe George ever married, Ivy did but no children, just doing this out of Interest as George once romanticly Involved with one of my family members.
  2. AndyBaldEagle

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    If you know which Squadron he flew with (is it on his CWGC entry) then you can download the ORB from the National Archives for free at the moment.
    Failing that an enquiry on might also be worth asking on, they have some very knowledgeable members who might be able to help

  3. Marks

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    Royal Air Force Bomber Losses in the Middle East and Mediterranean
    Volume 2 1943-1945 David Gunby & Pelham Temple


    26 March 1945 13 Sqn Boston IV BZ558 D Op - Armed Reconnaissance

    W/O E. DAY

    All killed in action. Took off 0155 Forli on an armed reconnaissance of the battle line, North to the PO river then Polesella - Padua - Mestre - Adria. All buried Padua War Cem.

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  4. Robert Wimpenny

    Robert Wimpenny Active Member

    Hi Mark, Thank you for this Information, have had a look at Polesella and Padua and will study further but initially seems quite an important target.
  5. Robert Wimpenny

    Robert Wimpenny Active Member

    Thanks so much, have downloaded the records and it shows all crew failed to return, thanks for putting me onto that, RAF Commands looks interesting, will explore

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