Anyone recognize this fountain statue in Italy

Discussion in 'Italy' started by Tracy Mitchell, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. Greeting folks,
    I just found this forum, i am trying to find out exactly where this picture was taken of my grandfather in Italy in 1945. He bounced around like crazy up and thru northern Italy as a replacement unit

    Anyone that can nail this down will get a steak dinner and adult beverage on me with a $50 gift card to your favorite restaurant.

    God bless our veterans

    Tracy Mitchell, PE
    Cincinnati, Ohio HaroldMitchell-LionStatue.jpg
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  2. Robert-w

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    Looks like part of the Lion fountain in Assis Umbria
  3. I'm having trouble finding a good picture of that fountain itself?
  4. Robert-w

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  5. Owen

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    I really thought you had it but looking at the photo there are a couple of decorative items that makes me think it isn't Assisi.

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  6. agreed, and the lion's eyes appear to be looking off to the side

    appreciate your input
  7. Robert-w

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    There are three lions around the central column all slightly different. Moreover I am not sure that the 'things' in Owens blown up shot are part of the structure. Looking at a number of photos of the fountain the buildings in the background appear to be consistent with Assisi as is the general style - other lion fountains in Italy being later and more realistic.
  8. also the lion in my grandfaher's picture appears to be lying down while the Assisi lion is up on its front legs
  9. AB64

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    Its not Assisi, if you look at the lions there they have gaps between their front legs and/or are standing with one foot on a shield unlike the photo - as well as the obvious differences Own highlighted (which look very much like part of the structure) - the Assisi lions also seem to have water spouts protruding from their mouths
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  10. he had a temporary pass to Montecatini, is anyone familiar with fountains there?
  11. Bedee

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    You will find a lot of Fountain pictures on Google images, i have seen today quit a lot of them. Conclusion is that in Italy you will find a lot of Fountains in different styles. (and yes it is NOT Assisi Fountain) See the fountain in Montecatini you mentioned.

    Fountain - Montecatini Terme - Tuscany, Italy

    Do you have more information of the time your grandfather was in Italy, Dates, Units, Towns.

    But we can see more on the picture;
    The weather was good, see the clothes he wears.
    During leave period because he wears a Tie and His hearcut.
    After the battles / war, i see other people on the street.
  12. a resercher said they have never seen a soldier jump around so much between units, he was in northern Italy from april 45 to august 45, he looked to be in about 10 small towns during that time, some of his records were destroyed in the fire at the archives
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    Let's get back to basics.

    We are looking for a monument in the American Zone IN NORTHERN ITALY.

    I presume then, from the GOTHIC line northwards.

    Anyone have a map of such?



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    Hi Janet

    I'm getting 'this site can't be reached'.

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    Me too
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    Sorry you can't reach the fountains of Italy site. HAVE HAD ANOTHER TRY.

    Perhaps if we had the names of the 10 small towns it might help.

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