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    At the Battle of Arnhem you think initially at Market Garden in 1944 and not the fights that the 49th (West Riding) Infantry Division (nicknamed Polar Bears) conducted 12 and April 13, 1945

    It is now 68 years since the fighting took place i made a Then & Now


    One of the most famous photos taken at Willemsplein

    The town and surrounding streets



    The railroad bridge twice


    Bomb damage to the city




    Industrial area Kleefsewaard and the Cattepoelseweg



    Along the Rhine


    The Rhine bridge in September 1944 scene of heavy fighting




    Railway bridge near Driel, on the other side lies Oosterbeek
    Clearly visible the bullet impacts

    Villages in the area


    Oosterbeek (Weverstraat)





    Photos from the occupation

    1943 (Velperplein)
    1943 (Velperbuitensingel)
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  3. koos24

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    Great pictures Koos thanks
    regards lofty
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    Well done Koos! Great work. I have a topic on Operation Anger on my wish-list. Maybe we should join forces?
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    excellent thread
    thank you for your time and trouble

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    Brilliant photos Koos.
    I wish I could get to Arnhem again but too busy with other things at the moment.
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    Great Pictures!
    I went two years ago with my dad and i was amazed at how different modern Arnhem is compared to 1944, during the battle. There was so much devastation for just a bridge. The British attempts to get their men to the bridge and secure both sides, and the Germans' successful efforts to isolate pockets of resistance makes the battle an interesting one to learn about.
    Koos24, did you visit the Hartenstein Hotel/Museum? It's very good.
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    I live in Arnhem, Oosterbeek is near by and the battlefields and I visit regularly.
    This photo I made this weekend


    17 september near by dropping zone X
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    Thank you for posting about the " Second " battle of Arnhem , unfortunately the capture of the city by the Polar Bears is nearly always ignored !!
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    Hi all,

    Sorry to "necro" such an old thread, but - what great pictures!

    I have a question about one of the photo pairs...


    What actually is this building? It looks quite intriguing.
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    Great set of pictures. Thanks for taking the time to put this thread together.
  13. Chris C

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    I agree, it really is a phenomenal set of photos and research. :)
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    Yes, great set of photos.
    Nice to see the Sherman flails of A Sqn, 1st Lothians. Hadn't seen these images before
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    A fantastic post; very many thanks.
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    Very nice Koos, great to see those now and then images.

    Thank you.
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    Well, Arnhem has been knocked about a bit in those b&w shots, but with the clean up they've inherited Coca Cola and Disney.

    I think on balance I might opt for the craters.

    Great photographs.
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    just returned from Arnhem area, there seem's to be no memorial or info board at J O E 's Bridge, is there a reason?
  19. Buteman

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    There is a thread called "Joe's Bridge - Memorial gone! ". I posted some photos 19 September 2014. I can't copy a link at the moment. It's a short walk but not the bridge itself. I'll do it in the morning.
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