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    I am afraid that you have the wrong Doris Flitney.
    The Doris Flitney on the Lemsford War Memorial is Doris Maud Flitney was in the ATS. She was the younger sister of Ernest Leslie Flitney. She was born at Lemsford on the 21st October 1913 and I understand died of kidney failure on the 12th October 1946. She is buried with her parents in St. John's, Lemsford churchyard.
    Ernest Leslie Flitney of the 1st Btn Beds and Herts married Doris Dye on April 8th 1939 at St.John's church, Lemsford, Hertfordshire.
    He was born on the 8th April 1912 amd died in Burma on the 16yj June 1944.
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    Hi Andalusia

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for putting the record straight, sometimes we make hopefully educated guess's but it is good when someone like yourself with obvious family connections shows us the way.

    Thank you
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    Hi TD

    Oops.I made a mistake. Doris Maud Flitney according to the Lemsford War Memorial was a WAAF not an ATS. Sorry about this.

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    hello Andalusia
    thank you for clearing that up.

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    John McDevitt was my uncle - do you have any more information please? Regards Charles McDevitt
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    Hello Chris unfortunately Tony is no longer with us
    Start a new thread here Searching for Someone & Military Genealogy

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    Thanks for the info Clive.

    I am more interested in my father's career with Phantom , and have posted an image and some data.

    I just came across this thread in a general search - and was curious as to why a Cassino casualty is in the ATS casualties thread?

    Chris McD
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    Chris. I see you were last on site in 2019. If you see this message please contact me. Max
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    drop him a private message if his email is still active he will get it


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