Australian Army Handbook of Pidgin English - Aboriginal and South Sea Islands

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    Some interesting words/terms, quite literal in some cases and logical

    IMG_20210924_0001.jpg IMG_20210924_0002.jpg IMG_20210924_0003.jpg IMG_20210924_0004.jpg IMG_20210924_0005.jpg IMG_20210924_0006.jpg IMG_20210924_0007.jpg IMG_20210924_0008.jpg
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    There was a similar guide for Europeans in the Kings African Rifles. Can be a hard read in the modern world however also surprisingly inclusive by perceptions of attitudes of the time.
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    I've got a fair few language guides (official and private purchase) Gurkhali, Hindustani, Urdu and lots of the more mainstream ones but don't seem to have anything that would relate to the KAR - I do have a few weapons manuals produced for African troops
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