Award Military Cross Capt. David Clive Crosbie Trench British Solomon Island Defence Force

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    Award Military Cross Capt. David Clive Crosbie Trench British Solomon Island Defence Force 198819

    WO 373/94/181
    Born Quetta, Bengal 1915 educated Tonbridge school “He started his career as a cadet in the Solomons Island protectorate in 1938 and fought in the islands campaign during the Second World War. He won the Military Cross and the United States Legion of Merit and attained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. Married to a United States Navy nurse, whom he met during the war, he went to Hing Kong as an assistant in the Colonial Secretariat in 1950. After several posts in the defence, finance and labour sections of the government, he served as Deputy Colonial Secretary before becoming High Commissioner for the West Pacific..." then became a Governor of Hong Kong died 1988 in North Dorset.
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    Hello brithm, thanks for posting this up.

    I'm out and about at present, but once home (late tonight/early tomorrow) I'll post up some more text from the booklet I have pictured in the thread here;

    Australian Army Handbook of Pidgin English - Aboriginal and South Sea Islands

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    For brithm and all.

    A mighty cast. An epic endeavour.

    "Among those Present; The Battle for Guadalcanal".

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