Award Silver Star Sgt. G.A. Rainville, No. 2 Coy, FSSF Italy 1944

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    Award Silver Star Sgt. G.A. Rainville, No. 2 Coy, First Special Service Force

    George was awarded the Silver Star for a gallantry in action for saving Jean Bricker (Kansas) on May 1st 1944 at Anzio.(Borge Piave) Bricker was wounded and he collapsed and George ran 80 yards to pick him up and put him on his shoulder and ran 800 yards with him to behind the lines for medical help. Gene Bricker lost a lung but survived. Jack Knight was also there and he said that the they looked like they had come right out of a butcher shop because of how badly they were covered with blood. George did not know until he returned to England.

    24th April 1945 Sgt. G.A. Rainville, former Canadian member of the First Special Service Force, receiving the Silver Star from Brigadier-General E.F. Koenig, Commander of U.S. Forces in the United Kingdom, Canadian Repatriation Unit, England
    First Special Service Force
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