Awards MiDs Gnr. Welsh, Royal Artillery & L/Sgt. Neil Scots Guards (Escape & Evasion, Italy)

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    Mentioned in Despatches

    (1) After the Armistice with Italy, P/W in this camp were ordered by the Italian Commandant and the Senior British Officer to remain. The guard was doubled and sentries told to shoot at any P/W trying to escape.

    On 14th September 1943 all Italian guards vanished and conditions became confused. Some P/W escaped with Red Cross parcels which the Senior British Officer had issued, but a cordon of British guards was posted round the camp and most of the P/W remained.

    On 16th September 1943 the Germans arrived and took over the cam and about six-sevenths of the original number of PW. Some P/W escaped from trains in transit to Germany.

    874315 Gnr. Edward Welsh, 51 Field Regiment, Royal Engineers MIA taken prisoner 24th November 1941

    2980161 L/Sgt. David Neil, Scots Guards 4 Armoured Brigade MIA 23rd November 1941

    WO 373/63/248

    WO 373/63/249
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    Thanks for posting.

    My father was at Macerata when Italy surrendered.I wasn’t fully aware of how the “stay put” order effected men there but it appears that approx 85%+ complied with it.

    My father went up to Mooseburg by train and was in a Stalag 17B work camp in Austria by late November.

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