Balloon Commands WAAF 1942-45

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  1. James Harvey

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    My grandmother served Balloon Command 1942-45

    Serving as a Balloon Operator and then transferring to orderly in last months after Balloon command disbanded

    Can anyone help me with locations for 902/3 Balloon squadron

    921 Balloon squadron

    961 Balloon squadron

    Also 3BC(A)
    RAF Wyton
    Many thanks James
  2. alieneyes

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    Nos. 902 and 903 Balloon squadron were part of No. 30 (Balloon Barrage) Group

    No. 30 (Balloon Barrage) Group Auxiliary Air Force

    Search results: No. 30 (Balloon Barrage) Group | The National Archives

    Both Lee and Drew (members here) offer a fine copying service which is substantially cheaper than having Kew do it for you.

    No. 921 Balloon Squadron:

    2048680 A.C.W Margaret Rossow (Nee Usher) 919, 921 and 923 Squadron

    No. 961 Balloon Squadron:

    Balloon Command Roll of Honour

    Location of all squadrons given here:

    Sqns 900+_P

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  3. RCG

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  4. James Harvey

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    Thank you for this

    My nan said she was based in London and then Dover so this ties in

    She was awarded defence and war medal for her service in the waaf

    Joined Feb 42 as ACW 2 class promoted to ACW 1 class August 42 and then LACW Nov 42

    She said she was offered a SGT course but turned it down as it meant a different posting but cannot find any confirmation on her records

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