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    Attached are photos from the archives of a gent now well through his 80s. He’d no idea what his father did during WW2, apart from being in the Royal Signals.

    He had kept the certificate from Herbert Creedy but did not know why his father did to receive it. But it's now obvious that father had been a VI. Before the war father had AA call 2CGY.

    I’ve attached the group photo and also the names on the back. “X” is Tom Purves.

    There are other photographs but as this is my first post, I am not sure if this is the right place for my inquiry.

    Any information and comments, I will pass on to Tom’s son.


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    Sir Herbert Creedy in 1943 was a civil servant with the Security Executive. See under CHAR 20/97A/105: Catalogue

    His Wiki is very thin and only goes up to 1939: Herbert Creedy - Wikipedia

    There are four books that refer to his role and one that Creedy became chairman of the Security Executive, sometime in 1942 succeeding Lord Swinton. One 2019 David Abrutat book 'Radio War' refers to him sitting on the Radio Security Committee that oversaw the Radio Security Service.
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    Welcome aboard. Others may come along and help. Always apply for his Service Record, even if the turnaround is reported as a year plus now. See: Request records of deceased service personnel Upload the records here once you've obtained them and then the forum can get to work on them. Please do not pay for any site on the internet who promise you his service records they will not have them, and you would have wasted your money.

    PM with more in a moment.
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    Thank you. I have quite a bit more info about VIs and have 'found' three recently thanks to a log kept by a RSS amateur during WW2. They are not in Abrutat's list in his book. Bruce

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