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    You will probably all know about my website and efforts to learn as much as possible about Northern Ireland in the Second World War.

    I have got some information which I am hoping someone can add to and help get more details.

    A lorry, which may have been part of a convoy and possibly R.A.F. was on Newtownards Road, Belfast at the junction with Seaforde Street when it was struck by a german bomb during the blitz.

    The lorry was blasted through the railings of St Matthews chapel and dead and injured were lying around. - I have checked with the chapel and there is no record of this or any memorial however the gardener remembered hearing about it and showed me where the fencing had been replaced following the incident - some damage to the small wall remains.

    I guess the date may have been either 15/16 April or 4/5 May 1941.

    Any information regarding this incident / Casualties would be very much appreciated.

    Thank-you :poppy:
  2. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    just had a quick look in After the Battle Blitz V2
    didnt see anything on the first glance
    but will check later this evening
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    not much info

    15/16 April 1941
    Precise from After the Battle V2
    118 bombers (Luftflotte 3) over Belfast
    Considerable damage done.
    Communications broke down and all utility services were badly hit
    Residential and commercial property suffered badly
    about 20,000 were made homeless but docks and industrial premises were also damaged in varying degrees.
    initial casualty figures showed 323 killed and 329 seriously injured.
    Many of the fires were burning the next afternoon.
    Outside of Belfast the most serious incident occurred at Londonderry where 12 people were killed.

    Precise from After the Battle V2 4/5 May 1941
    204 aircraft dropped 237 tonnes of HE bombs 95,992 IB's in a raid lasting from 2122 - 0335 hrs.
    Numerous fires
    casualties include 56 killed.

    found this casualty
    Civilian PATRICK DUFFY

    Civilian War Dead
    who died age 27
    on 16 April 1941
    of 5 Seaforde Street. Died at 5 Seaforde Street.
    Remembered with honour
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    5 Seaforde Street is the correct position however I cannot find anything about Service Casualties.

    Will just have to keep looking. Thanks for this info folks.

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