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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Roadracer, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Hello ,

    New to this so bear with me! Is it possible to find a map showing where the Luftwaffe's bombs fell in Belfast ?

    I am just watching a documentary about the attacks on BBC NI about the bombing, heart breaking stuff.
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    Hello ,
    I am just watching a documentary about the attacks on BBC NI about the bombing, heart breaking stuff.

    It was heart breaking stuff indeed. A brilliant programme of individual first hand accounts of 10 survivors captured by the BBC and their harrowing experiences of losing their loved ones. I have read many accounts of the Easter raids and been to many exhibitions but these personal stories just put modern day life and its problems into perspective. What shocked me was the actual complacency of the Ulster polititians and their attitude "Belfast is out of reach of the luftwaffe" meant they were ill prepared for what was to come. My grandmother who lived in Sandy Row (heart of Belfast City centre) was pregnant with my father at the time used to tell me of her fear. She and her neighbours were as complacent as the politicians and didnt always heed the warnings. A hard lesson learned by 1,000 who lost their lives.

    Thanks to the BBC for bringing these stories to a new audience, lets never forget.

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    Excellent programme.
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    Only saw a small part of it before being called away - liked what I saw , hope it is on "iplayer".
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    Please take a look at Home - Second World War in Northern Ireland where I continue to update with more locations.

    Latest updates on Belfast City Cemetry, Bangor Raid and Newtownards raid.

    Currently researching more Blitz pictures for "Then and Now" type picture comparrisons.
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    The ' Belfast Blitz ' is being shown tonight on BBC2 at
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    Cheers D will get a gander at it later today.

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