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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by dbf, Jan 26, 2009.

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    High Str, 1940

    High Str, 4-5 May 1941

    High Str, Jan 2009
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    Belfast Telegraph May 1941

    Jan 2009
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    Looking to High Str through Bridge Str 15-16 Apr 1941

    Looking to High Str through Bridge Str Jan 2009
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    US Forces Donegall Sq North 1943

    Donegall Pl looking at Donegall Sq West. (google street view)
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    General Eisenhower, City Hall, 24 Aug 1945

    City Hall, Donegall Sq North, Jan 2009
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    Eisenhower City Hall, Donegall Sq North

    Donegall Sq North/Donegall Place Jan 2009
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    Great shots, Diane. Thanks for sharing these.
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    ^^^^ Ditto Cheers Miss D :)
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    Excellent Then & Nows.
  11. dbf

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    Thanks for the comments.

    We had fun looking for these yesterday and even discovered a few parts of Belfast city centre we hadn't noticed before!

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    Thanks for posting Diane, great pics.
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    I will pop on one or two recon photos from ATB. "Ther Blitz Vol 2 which covers the raids on Belfasy in some detail.
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    Great before and now images.

  16. James S

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    These come from "The Blitz -Then and Now Volume 2" from After The Battle. ( September 1940 - May 1941).

    Thye grave of 123 peoploe killed on 15/16 April 1941 in the City Cemetery dedicated in 1951.


    In Milltown cemetery.


    Chichester Street.
    The comparison photo taken in "The Troubles".



    The docks following the raid of 4/5 May 1941.

    The caption for the photo quotes a war correspondent Dr Hermann Weninger.
    "We stared silently into a sea of flame such as none of us had seen before. In Belfast there was not alarge number of conflagrations but just one enormous conflagration which spread over the entire harbour and industrial area."
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  18. James S

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    Its years since I have been down there D. - theses photos are obviously very dated - time moves on , what is there now ?
  19. dbf

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    Hi James,

    I can hardly keep up with the pace of change there.

    All the eggs in one basket, the new Laganside Courts building, includes I believe Crown, County and Magistrates Courts, all opposite the Royal Courts of Justice.

  20. dbf

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    Been meaning to get this one done, but had no time to get the right angle; this is the best I could do with a drive-by.

    As far as I can place it the angle should be taken from this spot on the map College Sq East, Belfast. square east belfast&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl

    You can also see how close this is to City Hall, Donegall Square and High Street in Belfast, where other photos were taken. Harland & Wolff and the dock area are just across the River Lagan to the east and would give modern view of the aerial recon shot of Belfast that James posted. [This is actually the other way up, north being at the bottom]

    Barrage balloon, in the grounds of the Royal Belfast Academical Institution.
    In the background is the Ritz Hotel.


    The Ritz Hotel is no longer in existence, but to the left of this picture is now Jurys
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