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    Hello uniform experts,

    On 25 September 1943 a British Lance Corporal was killed by the Germans in a massacre at Vallecannella near Ceringola in Puglia along with ten Italians, some of whom were servicemen trying to get back home after the Armistice.

    Photographs were taken of the corpses before they were buried in Cerignola Cemetery.

    The Cemetery archivist tells me that three corpses remain unidentified. A local historian suggests that the photo of one of the eleven allows him to be identified as British because of his belt. I have seen all the photos - p. 43 and have I have posted the one in question below. ( I have cut out the face as I wouldn't want to upset any of his relatives who might be reading this). I can't identify a belt of any kind on some - if not most - of the other victims.

    What do you think?


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