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    Anyone ever heard of anybody else who worked at Bletchley throughout WW2 being given a clock as a leaving present?

    I have one which belonged to my grandad, who I know worked there at the same time as Alan Turing, although not in the same hut. He was asked to attend an interview after winning the Times Crossword puzzle (he used to complete it in seconds!!), and left in 1955. He went on to help set up the first computer system for the Metropolitan Police, and then worked for the Home Office obtaining an OBE for his services.

    The clock has an inscription which states: ' Presented to G C Maxted by the staff of C.T.S. Bletchley Park, 1955.'

    I would really love to hear from anyone who knows of a similar gift, or why this would have been presented. I have emailed the Bletchley Trust, who can give me no information on it, but who have explained who the CTS were, and their background.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions. xx

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