Boulogne, 1940

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  1. Bernard Lewis

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    Can anyone suggest a book that gives a first-hand account of the defence of Boulogne in 1940, please? Preferably from a Welsh Guards' viewpoint.

    I am researching the life of Henry Coombe-Tennant, Welsh Guards, who was captured at Boulogne. I have LOADS of info on this officer but would welcome a good first-hand account of the fighting and evacuation (if the author actually got on a boat!)

    I already have the Welsh Guards' history (Ellis) and some official reports etc.

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    I concur with the above recommendation. I'm not aware of a specific WG book on Boulogne. In fact it's one of the least written about battles in France during 1940.
  4. Bernard Lewis

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    Thanks for the info, both. I'll order that one then!

    Thanks again.

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    If you haven't already you could try and contact
    WG Archivist at Wellington Barracks. There might be some accounts by former Welsh guardsmen in their files.
    The Welsh Guards Collection
  6. Bernard Lewis

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    Good point. I have had some info on Henry from there. Thanks!


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