Brazilian Expeditionary Force

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    Yes, and found not so sunny Italy after all. I put a few feelers out about information on Lady Astor "D-Day Dodgers" - had a few humorous replies but can't get proof about her comments regarding Italian campaign. Shame.
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    The Portuguese Army suffered badly in the Flanders mud in WW1 and the Brazilians were determined not to suffer the same fate and this applied in WW2

    It probably requires a different thread but from my own efforts I'd say that Astor's comments were an early example of fake news - it didn't help that she had an acid tongue and was quite capable of it. Fake but entirely believable
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    Chilean battleship was almost involved too.

    US wanted to buy or borrow the Almirante Latorre, ex-HMS Canada, right after Pearl Harbor but Chile said no.
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