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    Hi all,

    A document I was just looking at which does not identify an infantry divisional a/tk reg't... but does name the CRA of the division - a Brigadier Bolton. Said division had M10s, so I think it must either have been 3 Division or 50 Division. Does anyone know if one of these divisions had a Brigadier Bolton as their CRA?

    (I suppose it's possible that they made up the name, but I'm hoping they didn't.)
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    Wow, that was fast! Of course, that division was the new home of 102 anti rank regiment after 50 division was disbanded.
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    I don't see a start date when Bolton became CRA of 15 Div, but 97 Anti-Tank Reg't was the divisional anti-tank regiment up until 5 Dec, 1944.
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    What is the context? Bolton took over as CRA 15 Scottish Div on 29 June 1944 after his predecessor Brigadier Hilton commandeered a 17 Pounder and was badly wounded trying to take on a tank in Tourville in Op Epson on the 27th. SP batteries of Corps anti-tank regiments were often placed under command of infantry divisions.
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    Survey of opinions of anti-tank regiments re towed and SP equipment. (End of 1944.) Bolton happened to be there at the time the surveyors talked to the regiment, apparently, so they added his comments.
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    For Sheldrake -

    WO  32  11030 (68).jpg
  9. Historic Steve

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    Brigadier L Bolton DSO was CRA 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division until 11 Sep 45.

    102nd (Northumberland Hussars) Anti-Tank Regiment RA served in the division until 4 Feb 46, then on 1 Dec 46 went into suspended animation in Kiel.

    21st Army Group later British Army of the Rhine (under construction)

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