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Discussion in 'Top Secret' started by Researcher1941, Sep 14, 2010.

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    Hello Jeff,
    I know nothing at all, but responding to your invitation for thoughts “no matter how far afield they go”, Sir William Stephenson came to mind.
    Wishing you great success in your research project,
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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    These "raids" were likely not documented or if so minimally so or have been so deeply classified that it'll be another 15 years (minimum) before they surface, if they ever do. Participants were "sworn to secrecy forever"....not 50 years....forever.

    A stated major concern was "fear of embarrassing of those with whom we were allied". The directives ostensibly came from British Intelligence, what branch... who knows?

    So, anyone care to take a stab at it? Remember, early 1941....who was SO valuable and what, was so important and where?

    All thoughts welcomed.


    Scientists, Industrialists and Royalty are all high profile people, surely they would be 'noticed' if they dissappeared or turned up in unexpected places so my thoughts turn to the intelligence community. Polish, French and probably other intelligence services cooperated with the UK on the early stages of Enigma/Ultra. Allied intelligence officers still in occupied Europe who had even the slightest knowledge of Ultra would be prime targets.
  4. Just a longshot. Norway is next to Sweden and apparently we were involved in things in in Sweden. I know Reginald Spooner (not sure of his rank) from the Met went there in connection with a spy but I can't find out any details. Also a Swedish diplomat connected to their Royal family was having his diplomatic notes passed to the Germans and was asked to leave. Possibles?
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    What about hardie amis and rat week,the french blocked it but he carryed on any way.
    No one knows how many were executed,he would never discuss it after the war.

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