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    Hello everybody,

    I posted in another thread a question about two symbols I saw in a New Zealand line diagram from the Western Desert Force (CORPS LINE COMMUNICATIONS TAKEN OVER BY NZ DETACHMENT — (WESTERN DESERT FORCE SIGNALS) ON ARRIVAL BAGGUSH, 10 JUNE 1940 | NZETC), but this forum seems to be more appropriate for my question.

    Specifically, I am looking for the meaning of two symbols in the diagram (see image):

    • the arrowhead at the end of some lines in the diagram
    • the arrowhead with the short straight line at its top

    Does anybody know what type of signal equipment is associated with these symbols?
    And a broader question: does anybody have a reference for the different signal diagram symbols that the British used in their drawings during WWII?
    Screenshot (9859).png
    I have some material and some pamphlets with some basic symbols for telephones, fullerphones and the like but no comprehensive list of symbols for the various technical equipment that is usually found only in signal diagrams.

    Thank you
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