British losses March, 5th 1940 Zeurange

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    Might be of use to you - Grindorff is 1 kilometre away and action took place 2 days previous.
  2. Hi Peccavi,
    the quality of the responses on this forum is making my head spin!

    Imagine this: in all my papers no such attack is mentioned. Ok, it might be that this was, despite being so close, in the area of the neighboring division, but the sad fact is that from all the stuff that is available I cannot answer even that question.

    Thank you very much, I´ll dig again into all that have hoping to find a hint on this attack.

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    Is that a book or from a regimental magazine etc?
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    One aspect of the British presence on the Maginot line that is completely unclear to me is the local chain of command and liason with the French. The British had a brigade presence there to experience combat condtions up until the unfortunate 51st Divison moved up in their entirety.

    Bearing in mind the quick turnover, I can't believe that an Infantry brigade taken away from its Division had sufficient time and resources to settle in and function efficiently without some sort of permanent structure.

    Were they controlled directly by GHQ BEF in Arras or was there a permanent local command that each rotating brigade served under ? If so, this would presumably have been located alongside the French command for this section of the line.

    I've not seen a diary that suggests it belonged to such an entity. If a record exists then it would probably have included extensive intelligence reports relating to these incidents.
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    Just in case anyone's still interested in the raid on the DCLI, here's an account in René Chambrun, I Saw France Fall (London: Jarrolds, 1941), pp. 44-5

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    And here's a German communiqué on the same raid from the military French archives - therefore translated into French

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    And an uninformative French report from the 2e Groupe d'armées on this same attack on the DCLI (SHD 29 N 130/2)


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