British Pow Camp 226 in Altamura (for Kriegsmarine Officers)

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  1. Hi, during my research of Italian Pow Camp 65 Gravina/Altamura South Italy, I have learned that in 1945 there was another POW camp always in Altamura. The camp was managed by the British and was used for German Kriegsmarine Officers. I have found nothing on the web except a reference to a file at National Archives in Kew.

    Any help will be much appreciated


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  3. Thank you for the tip. I have already looked at those files that refer to camp 65, 51 and 204 all for British POWs.
  4. I have during my research into a the camp PG62/51 Plemo I found a remarkable man by the name of Shaia Naibergh who was a Jew and joined the British Army,RE in Palestine.
    He was captured on the 29.04.1941 by German Parachute troops at Kalamata,Greece. He escaped and eluded capture for about twelve months being caught by Italian troops,
    His E&E states he was in the following camps in Italy and escaped when the armistice was declared on the 08.09.43 and crossed the
    the Swiss border on the 03.10.1943,
    A young lad at that time who I met told me he and my father were good friends.
    PG 75 Bari 01.06.42 to 30.07.42
    PG 65 Gravina 30.07.42 to 30.11.42
    PG 51 Altamura 30.12.42 to 30.01.43
    PG 65 Gravina 01.02.43 to 30.04.43
    PG62 Bergamo 01.05.1943 to 30.08.1943
    PG62/51 Plemo ----------------to 10.09.1943
    Last year his grandson collected his mess tin from the young lad who had kept it since 1943, hoping that some day he would collect it and it is now safely in Israel
    Hope it helps
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  5. Thank you Trevor ... very intersting the story of Shaia. Indeed I have found him in the database of POWs at camp 65 (role nr. 23302) 1039 pt. Would you be my angel and put me in touch with his grandson ? This would be the second descendant of a jewish POW in camp 65 that I will track. My email address is
    I have been told to use AT instead of the proper font on email address.
    Thank you so much again for your help

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