British signal equipment and line diagram symbols Western Desert 1940

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  1. pamak

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    Hello everybody,

    I was reading "Divisional Signals" from the free, online New Zealand WWII text collection (CORPS LINE COMMUNICATIONS TAKEN OVER BY NZ DETACHMENT — (WESTERN DESERT FORCE SIGNALS) ON ARRIVAL BAGGUSH, 10 JUNE 1940 | NZETC)

    In there, I found a line diagram showing the communications of the Western Desert Force in 1940 which I have attached in this post. My question is related to two symbols whose meaning is unclear since they are not included in the legend.

    The first symbol is a white arrowhead which is found at the end of some lines
    The second symbol is again a white arrowhead with a short straight line at the top. Screenshot (9859).png

    Does anybody know the meaning of those symbols?

    Thank you
  2. GeoffMNZ

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    As a retired Telecommunications engineer & 2NZEF researcher, your query intrigued me.
    The key to the diagram is in the legend "Fullerphone"
    This is a telegraph device used by the military. Uncle Google provides a link to the website "Wirelerss for the Warrior @ Wireless for the Warrior - The history of British Army radio
    There is an awesome amount of info on this site and a contact who I am sure will be able to answer your question. I should know and looked up some old textbooks but can not answer it at this time!
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  3. pamak

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    Thanks for the reply GeoffMNZ, but if you actually notice carefully, the symbol for the fuller phone is not any of the symbols which show a triangle

    The fullerphone symbol at least in this diagram is a short straight line perpendicular to the end of a line connection making the end look like a "T" . On the other hand, the symbols of my question are either a triangle of a triangle with a short line at its tip and they are omitted from the diagram's legend. See the attached image in my first post.
  4. pamak

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    Here is the legend of the original line diagram

    Notice the absence of any symbol resembling a triangle

    Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 4.38.09 PM.png
  5. GeoffMNZ

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    As I said, I am sure the website authors will be able to help you if you contact them as they are experts in Military Signals.
  6. pamak

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    I sent an email:

    I will update this thread in the future to share any information I may receive
  7. pamak

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    2020-07-08-0003.jpg 2020-07-08-0004.jpg Update:

    I got a very quick and helpful reply from the website author

    Here is the legend with the symbols from a pre-war manual

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