Burma: a glimpse into the time before and after independence

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    Discovered an Australian academic website 'New Mandala' dedicated to South-East Asia when looking for WW2 items and a long article on the post-war Burmese Army appeared, with fascinating detail on the post-independence army - complete with a Gurkha battalion - in one part: Burma in Limbo – Part 5 - New Mandala

    It opens with:
    Part of a series of articles by a Burmese exile covering WW2 and beyond. This article is about the Burmese National Army, formed under Japanese occupation who in March 1945 revolted. See: Burma in Limbo, Part 1 - New Mandala

    The whole series of six articles are listed on: Archives - New Mandala

    The catalyst for this minor interest being the recent posts about a pre-independence incident where Royal WElch soldiers died in combat. See: 4995990 William Gordon BURGOYNE, 2nd Bn Welch Regiment: 30/04/1947, Burma
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