Calgary Highlanders.

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    The Calgary Highlanders

    Regimental website, but of more WW2 interest click on 'detailed history' at the bottom of the left hand bar for an exhaustive history of their ww2 activities. Some great photos (carrier ones first attracted me) and tons of information, maps, personal accounts etc. tucked away there.

    The Dieppe section has some fascinating scans of 'Signal' style Propaganda leaflets dropped in the UK after the raid, never seen those before.

    (can't provide a direct web link to this obviously top-notch archive I'm afraid as it's one of those flash/frames based sites, well worth a couple of clicks though.)

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    Bloody brilliant site mate. It's got so much info it's a remarkable website.
    Reading the section on Clair Tison reminded me we went there in 2005.
    Stood on the little bridge that is mentioned.
    The bridge over the Laize was checked for mines by the battalion's pioneer platoon.

    There is a plaque to Le Regiment de Maisonneuve who attacked through the village on the 13th August '44.
    There is also a flower bed in the form of the Canadian flag.
    Sorry photo not too good, we still had our APS camera then.

    EDIT: better images here.

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    Superb site - wish there were more like this!!
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    Just a reminder that it will 65 years ago this weekend since the Dieppe Raid.
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    Interesting website
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    Added the movements of the Calgary Highlanders to the Battle of Normandy, 1944 animation being built at Virtual History Project.

    The War Diary (online at the LMH Archive) is a good read as it has a nice mix of facts and observations- for example "Paymaster 'Roly' Higgins did his stuff again today and paid out a few more Francs. It is highly probable that Roly's books will never balance, because as he was paying, Jerry shelled the area, and very few entries were made in the books. Roly says that in the future when the Lads require any money they can return to the REAR area at A echelon.' 15 July, 1944

    The unit landed 7-9 July as part of the 5 Canadian Infantry Brigade and then fought through CAEN and up the ORNE VALLEY before driving to FALAISE by mid August. It then led the drive to the SEINE and on through ROUEN and towards DIEPPE.

    You are invited to add anything new to the C-Highlanders' history on the website, or simply send them to me. Any recommendations to improve these virtual histories is always appreciated. Best, erik
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