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    great photos, thanks for posting

    Bob R.
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    Fantastic effort with the table...

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    Tremendous effort.

    Wonderful resource and many thanks for your exceptionally helpful table.
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    Thanks for the interesting photgraphs posted and the professional way the material has been presented.

    Interesting photgraph of the Japanese officers delegation to the Atlantic Wall.I wondered what the route the Japanese took to arrive in Normandy.The only route I can see as practical is via one of the Japanese submarines into the U Boat bases on the Atlantic coast.

    It is known that the U Boat crews and occasionally the Japanese Navy submarine crews took R&R at the Chateau de Trevarez just south of Chateauneuf du Faou so the connection into Brittany by Japanese submarines had been established....Trevarez is an interesting place to visit for its estate alone....the characteristic feature being its shade of red brickwork.The place was raided by the RAF in late July 1944,a reminder of the raid being 2 x 250lb unexploded bombs which used to lie at one of the entrances,,,,,disarmed and cut open....caused some damage to the Chasteau but was welcomed boost to the local populastion as the local Gestapo unit were mounting repressive measures in Chateauneuf du Faou searching for the Jedburgh teams.
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    I am fairly sure the Japanese Officers were either stationed in Germany full time or came in overland.
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    Assorted Allied wrecks

    Villers wrecks
    Orchard Crom
    Orchard Croms
    Llyod wrecks
    Carrier wreckage

    Wreck in cornfield
    DD Front
    M4 in field

    M4 Front

    M4 SS Man
    M4 Rear, same as with ss man 174

    FFly side view 44

    FFly on side

    M4 Wreck

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    So far I have noticed 46 duplicated photo . Some repeated as many as 4 times!
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    'Carrier wreckage' is 51 Div from the formation sign - 5/7 Gordon Highlanders according to the AoS. Bois de Bavent footage?
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