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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by Naomi Miles, May 1, 2024.

  1. Naomi Miles

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    We received my grandads war records today and would love a hand deciphering it. And any information on the air ministry experimental station, is there a thread that I’ve missed?

    Many thanks in advance


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  2. RAFCommands

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    AMES are a batch of function related units - mostly what we call RADAR today.

    They encompass fixed installations as well as mobile.

    He was general duties until late war when his rank rose to that of Corporal were it could be considered that he was supervising less skilled junior general duties airmen.

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    Welcome aboard. There is plenty of knowledge and expertise here.

    It is vital you add his full name, Date of Birth, Service Number and if known their unit. Yes, these are on an attachment which can be searched.

    Members can check their resources and do some online research. Others may be looking now and in the future for them; we regularly have people join who have found a post or thread about a relative.

    It might be worth checking if there is a local newspaper article about him, on his passing sometimes. Most public libraries have access to the British Newspaper Archive when in the library, not online.

    On your current information he has not appeared here before today.

    It helps to add a ‘tag’ when you create a thread, only you can do this. It is for the formation / corps involved or a theme like intelligence. Searching tags can identify threads, otherwise it takes a bit longer.

    Some research tips, now a four pg. PDF available on: WW2 Soldier Research - Tips and Links for New Researchers (update) Plus: How to Start a new Thread / Edit Post / Upload Image
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    RAF & RCAF abbreviations - from Canada: FFYL - WW2 RCAF & RAF Acronyms, Abbreviations & Slang

    I tend to rely on: WW2 Abbreviations and Acronyms | Researching the Lives and Records of WW2 Soldiers

    I know MU is Maintenance Unit and Wiki has a list of them.

    There are several threads with AMES in, due to the Middle Least posting try this one: RAF Radar in Egypt and Libya - 1941/42

    The forum's search facility is very simple, I tend use for e.g. "AMES + "842" Alas for the first three units shown no trace here!
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  5. Naomi Miles

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    Thank you so much to you both!

    Do you know what the ‘Annual Filming was’?

  6. RAFCommands

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    His records onto microfilm not him.

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