Captain Julian Henry Hall, 100107, Intelligence Corps

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    It looks like I can't start a conversation until I have posted more. Would you like to try messaging me?

    In the meantime, I noticed that you've referenced the website - but I'm not sure if you've read the chapter on "7th Battalion Recollections and Escapes" which mentions Hall and has the story told from the Australians' perspective ('On Target' - The Book).

    There is more evidence of Claire-Eliane Engel's acquaintance with Julian Hall in her book A History of Mountaineering in which she writes about his "Escape". I haven't read the book but you can see snippets of some of the JH sections on google books.
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    Dear Lesley,

    Thank you indeed. Actually I'm in Zermatt, Switzerland, and I don't have it at hand but I'm pretty sure that I cited the 7th Battalion book in my own history book, "Braccati. Prigionieri di guerra Alleati in Piemonte e Valle d'Aosta", which told the stories of various Allies POWs who escaped from Northern Italy and reached Switzerland (Zermatt, for many of them) via the glaciers.

    I was not aware of Mrs. Engel's book, thank you. I see a reference at Pag. 14, but Google Books only allow to see a very short part of the page. Do you have this title, maybe?

    Thank you in advance,
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    I don't have the book but will see what I can do. Have you had any luck getting a copy of the escape record in the National Archives? It looks like you can order a scan here for a fee - Hoarhoff - Hayward | The National Archives (click on "request a copy" for more information).

    I've just found an incredible notice in the Personals column of the Times for July 15, 1941, reading: "CAPTAIN JULIAN HALL, 100,107 Prisionieri di Guerra, Campo di Concentramento, Sulmona, Abruzzi, Italy. Friends, please write. Airmail 5d."
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    Good morning Lesley,
    Yes, I've been collecting all the available records so far. This is a long-ongoing research, unfortunately with a few available time, so the NA archives have already been searched :)
    I don't have the reference to the Times, could you please provide it, when possible? It looks interesting!
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    Just had a look and it says: "
    Ordering and viewing options
    This record has not been digitised and cannot be downloaded."
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    There must have been another thread running on this forum about Captain Hall and the mountain route they used to cross from Italy into Switzerland. I posted a copy of Hall’s E&E report to that thread back in June
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    I originally mentioned him here, in an older topic related to the research for my previous book, "Braccati":

    Unknown British Officer. Captain Porter, 1943
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    Hello, horsapassenger - that's great! I've just returned to these threads after a while so I must have missed or forgotten about your post. I'll be interested to take a look at it.

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