Captured at Dunkirk & was on Long March

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    Hi I am trying to find anyone who was a prisoner of war captured at Dunkirk as part of the rear guard
    Or anyone who was a prisoner in thorn poland stalag 20a as I am looking for anyone who knew
    my great uncle who was captured at Dunkirk but died on the long march in 1945 his name
    And rank is private john arthur evans he was in the middlesex regiment , Kensington regiment
    and information would be great

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    I hope the members can help you in your research.
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    There was only one Kensington battalion in France, the 1st Battalion. However there were 3 Middlesex battalions in France during 1940. Can you shed anymore light on the unit and do you know the date of his capture?
  4. neillai

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    I wish I could all I know is he was either in one of these regiments and was captured at Dunkirk
    as part of the rear guard and was a prisoner of war in thorn poland I think stalag 20a
    and died of TB on the march somewhere in Germay he was meant to have an Australian friend
    who went to England and gave both of his id disics to his mum he does have a headstone
    at the Dunkirk Memorial at Nord I do believe he died on the march I am trying to find any reference
    Of him at thorn or if he has a gravesite somewhere in Germany
  5. Drew5233

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    What's his name?

    Sorry - Just seen it in the first post. Be right back :)
  6. Tricky Dicky

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    Is this your man?

    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945 about J A Evans
    Name: J A Evans
    Rank: Private
    Army Number: 6205514
    Regiment: Middlesex Regiment
    POW Number: 14656
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: XX-A
    Camp Location: Torun, Poland
    Record Office: Infantry and Army Physical Training Corps Record Office, Stanwell Road School, Ashford, Middlesex
    Record Office Number: 23
  7. neillai

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    Hi again I have just been on CWGC here are his details if you can help serial number 6205514
    date of death 01/03/1945
    Regiment Middlesex
    1st Bn princess's Louise's Kensington Regiment

    hope this helps
  8. Drew5233

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  9. Tricky Dicky

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    Service No:
    Date of Death:
    Middlesex Regiment

    1st Bn. Princess Louise's Kensington Regt.
    Panel Reference
    Column 117.
    Additional Information:
    Son of John Arthur and Jane Elizabeth Evans, of Bow, London.
  10. neillai

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    Yes thats him is that his picture
  11. Tricky Dicky

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    If you mean the picture on the left, no thats my father

  12. neillai

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    Hi thanks for your help I really trying to find any pictures of him
    plus if he has a grave in Germany
  13. jacksun

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    Hi, per above info he is memorialised at the Dunkirk Memorial, however:

    "The DUNKIRK MEMORIAL stands at the entrance to the Commonwealth War Graves section of Dunkirk Town Cemetery. It commemorates more than 4,500 casualties of the British Expeditionary Force who died in the campaign of 1939-40 or who died in captivity who were captured during this campaign and who have no known grave."

    If you successfully find a grave for him you can have CWGC update the info however finding his grave may be quite a challenge.There is a group of folks who are looking for soldiers remains that have never been found, and occasionally graves are unearthed and identification is made. But it is a long and arduous process.

    Search for Stalag xxA or thorn and hunt for pictures - there are often group snaps from the POW camps on the web, also try the regimental site to see if they have any pictures.

    Always a great site to check....

  14. neillai

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    Hi I found out he was meant to have died in a German town called Parchim
    does anyone know if there are any graves in Parchim of prisoners of war
    in this town
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  15. CL1

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  16. Tricky Dicky

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    Graves registered by CWGC at Parchim Cemetery:

    CURTIS, ROY Flight Lieutenant 46406 24/03/1944 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve United Kingdom PARCHIM CEMETERY
    HEPWORTH, RONALD Sergeant 1624606 24/03/1944 19 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve United Kingdom PARCHIM CEMETERY
    SCOTT, JOHN SYMMS Flight Sergeant 423335 24/03/1944 20 Royal Australian Air Force Australian PARCHIM CEMETERY
    TAYLOR, ALFRED LEONARD Sergeant 615242 24/03/1944 24 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve United Kingdom PARCHIM CEMETERY
    WILLSON, WILLIAM VERNON Sergeant 1389663 24/03/1944 22 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve United Kingdom PARCHIM CEMETERY

    You will note they are all RAF, and probably from an air crash as the dates are the same, so I presume it will be elsewhere.

  17. kiwi craig

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  18. neillai

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    Hi thanks for all your help . I was wondering does anyone knoW of the organization
    thats looks for the remains of servicemen who have no known grave

    Thanks Neil
  19. neillai

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    Hi I just spoke to my mum and she told me he died in hospital in Parchim can anyone help in finding
    out what hospitals were inParchim in 1945

    Thanks Neil
  20. Hi Niel

    I've just become a member of WW2TALK and have posted a reply only this morning about The Long March. I believe you posted this enquiry on another site....perhaps Wartime Memories?

    Today's reply is a copy of my Dad's log of the march from Stalag XXA back in to Germany. In one of the March entries, he does mention the passing of Johnnie Evans, the only person that he does speak of during the entire period. I think perhaps they were good friends. This may of course be just a coincidence but it may help a little.

    Kind regards

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