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    South Africa, Military Index, 1853 - 2004
    Name: T.C.M. Taberer
    Death Date: 7 Jul 1943
    Awards and Medals: DSO
    Rank or Designation: Capt
    Serial Number: 7320
    Force Number: 201496
    Collection: World War I and II Roll of Honour, 1914 - 1948

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    IMG_20180610_0004.jpg GBM_WO417_069_0403.jpg

    14568972 Vernon FROST, 1st Royal Fusiliers died of wounds 30/11/44 Casualty
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    2734117 Richard George Bailey, CSM, 3rd Welsh Guards killed 23/4/43 Casualty

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    To throw in a bit of a curve ball - thanks to fellow forum member Hucks216 for directing me towards this German Soldbuch and his help with research (and in general a good chat about collecting British v German paperwork).

    Schutz Hans Fehl was a member of 321 Infantry Regiment of 197 Infantry Division, he was killed 17/11/41 during the advance on Moscow.
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    I really should do my research before trips, I’m in Bruges at the CWGC plot paying my respects and photographing all the graves, but the name Cornell of the Suffolk’s jumped out at me. So I doubled checked this thread and confirmed it is the same lad, at least I have been able to pay my respects properly.


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    5891655 William Moverley HARRIS, 1st Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regiment) - died of wounds 21/04/43 - at this point the Battalion were in action on Banana Ridge

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    You don’t happen to have any for Conway’s ? Stanley ,John ?
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    Afraid not, I've had a look through my list of books

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    thank anyway ab64 much appreciated
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    2330290 Sergeant Harold Lansdowne BROOME of 77 brigade, 3rd Indian Div RCOS, 17 April 1944 during the second Chindit expedition he was killed by a mortar bomb in White City

    2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
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    5876948 Geoffrey Ernest RICE of 12th LAA regiment RA who died 4/10/40 (memorial & CWGC have 5th) Casualty no idea of the circumstances of his death and his RA card adds very little. He had seen WW1 infantry service and from the note of distinctive marks he was clearly wounded. The note on his Medal Index Card of forgery and Forfeited is intriguing, not sure if the line through it means it was a mistake, I guess so

    30850_A001305-01781.jpg 60001037_9d8f3584-bc33-4958-9504-fddd324fae98 rice small.jpg 60001037_ad35efa5-e8f1-4b4b-a28b-bb30d3bc0c0f rice.jpg GBM_RAM_DEATHS_KZ_01511.jpg GBM_WO417_019_0437.jpg
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    UK and Ireland, Find A Grave Index, 1300s-Current
    Name: Serjeant Geoffrey Ernest Rice
    Death Date: 5 Oct 1940
    Cemetery: Billing Road Cemetery
    Burial or Cremation Place: Northampton, Northampton Borough, Northamptonshire, England
    Has Bio?: N

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Geoffrey E Rice
    Death Age: 42
    Birth Date: abt 1898
    Registration Date: Oct 1940
    [Nov 1940]
    [Dec 1940]
    Registration Quarter: Oct-Nov-Dec
    Registration district: Northampton
    Inferred County: Northamptonshire
    Volume: 3b
    Page: 56

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    1576 FOX.jpg

    M/14166 Arthur FOX of 9th Company RASC - died of double pneumonia 19/2/25 - thanks to Bruneval for the attached article giving details

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    1846 BURGESS.jpg
    14320393 James Will George BURGESS of 23 Docks Operating Company RE who died in Gibraltar on 6/12/43, when he was descending into the hold of a ship he fell from the ladder fracturing his skull on some steel plate, he was operated on but couldn't be saved (grave photo from Findagrave)

    IMG_20200718_0009.jpg IMG_20200718_0012.jpg 18484303_136873648110.jpg
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    Private Maurice Henry GOODE 5504864 1st Royal Sussex Regiment who was killed 16/2/44 - the Second Battle of Cassino started with the bombing of the Abbey on15/2/44, due to poor coordination the follow up moving from Snakeshead Ridge to capture Point 593 was launched by a single Company of the Sussex on the night 15/16 February where they were unsuccessful and lost around half their strength - the following night the remainder of the Battalion was committed and faired no better again unable to capture the height and suffering similar casualties of around half the attacking strength. I'm not sure if Pte Goode was killed in the first or second of these attacks. Today Pont 593 is the site of the Polish 3rd Division memorial and is a very dominant feature

    Thanks to Owen for the War Diaries (which he got from Paul Reed a while ago)

    2006_0717_130125AA.JPG 2006_0717_130136AA.JPG
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    photo of Private Goode, I managed to get some extra documents including letters, he appears to have joined the Battalion only a week or two before his death, he was part of B Company which led the Battalion attack on the night of the 16/17th

    IMG_20200901_0001.jpg IMG_20200901_0002.jpg
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    I will tip my hat to Pte Goode next time I am in the Cassino CWGC Cemetery.

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    Trooper Percy Walter John SPACKMAN 319994 of 7th Hussars, after taking part in the fighting across Libya, the Regiment were refitting and while trooper Spackman was in a cafe in Alexandria it was hit during an air raid and he was killed. The letter below from the Padre mentions collecting his Paybook from the hospital. There is also a letter from the Adjutant, who was killed in March 1942 in Burma - oddly he was killed in the same action as Sgt Glendinning whose paybook is included earlier in the thread

    af b104-82b spackman.jpg IMG_20201014_0002.jpg IMG_20201014_0003.jpg IMG_20201014_0004.jpg IMG_20201014_0005.jpg
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    1897 CLAYTON.jpg

    267171 Charles Thomas CLAYTON of 10th Cheshire's who was killed 30/5/18 (originally he was listed as missing on the 27th May so its possible the date of death is incorrect)
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