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    Agree Andy, quite a weight to carry, but he wasn't to know that would happen.
    Also a little disappointed Landing Craft Support weren't mentioned re Walcheren, they took a right pasting there from the batteries.
    Realised tonight that I have known Bill Bloyes for several years and never knew he was a 2 Para Arnhem vet!
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    Hi all, Bill Bloyes kindly attended one of Arnhem Vets get together some years ago, and I seem to recall him saying he was John Frosts bodyguard, not sure what that position entailed, have always be curious to know, can anyone tell me.
    regards lofty
  3. Mike L

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    Lofty, I will see if I can get in touch with Bill Bloyes, might still have a phone number for him.
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    Not as good tonight - I thought.

    Bit disappointed that OMG was all about the Para's and no mention of XXX Corps. Sometimes I think it should have been called Op Market.

    That Captain (name escapes me) must have carried some weight on his soldiers all of his life, seeing six of his men executed because he escaped.


    The Captain was Major Tony Hibbert. He did not learn until several days later what had happened after he had jumped from the lorry. By coincidence the Dutch Doctor that gave immediate treatment to the wounded on the street lived next door to where Tony ended up being sheltered and gave him the terrible news.
    It could have been a total massacre had it not been for a German Officer that came upon the scene almost immediately and ordered the soldier to stop firing.
    I went with Tony to the small memorial at Brummen after the Arnhem Fellowship meeting in September when he paid his respects to those that were killed.

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    Apologies for pulling at a fairly old thread :) but I noticed that this appears to be repeated again next week on the "Yesterday" channel on UK television (looks like it is repeated twice in the morning and afternoons).

    Clip here on Youtube (to give an idea)

    I probably watched it at the time but will no doubt record it to watch it again.

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  6. Ramiles

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    There's an episode guide here: (though it doesn't tell you much!)

    Nb. though the current "run" is on the UK's "Yesterday" channel, (morning and afternoon repeat).

    For example today's was about "Caen"

    Episode 2

    The Second World War soldiers reveal what it was like to fight in the Allied Sherman tanks, against the apparently indestructible German Tiger tanks.

    (But no mention of that (i.e. Caen) in the Ch4 episode guide there!)

    Don't remember it though from the first time around, so must have missed it then, back in 2011, I guess.

    (Not sure if it's been repeated again often between now and then, but this is the first time I've seen it though, I'm pretty sure) :salut:

    All the best,


    Ps. next one is apparently on the Falaise gap - whilst?...

    Episode 3

    In this episode British and Canadian troops are under intense fire, while the American Mechanised Army heads for Paris. Frank Rosier remembers the horror of killing a man.

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