Chateau D'Audrieu murders, 8 June 1944

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    Although there are a few mentions of this incident across the forum from years ago there wasn’t the dedicated thread that I was looking for.

    Chateau D'Audrieu massacre of 24 Canadian and 2 British POWs, Normandy provides a useful overview and Drew listed some of TNA’s files previously Execution of 6th Bn, Durham Light Infantry soldiers - 8 June 1944:.

    The reason for the new thread is that I found a case file misfiled in a movement file for S.S. Fleurus, which may be of interest. It runs to 385 pages from the identification process through to the Court of Inquiry and verdict. The testimony of pathologist Lieutenant Colonel R.A.H. MacKeen is particularly grim as he recounted the injuries suffered by all 26 victims.

    N.B. It seems to have been slightly shuffled with some pages out of sequence.
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    There are a number of files containing very poor copies of several SHAEF Courts of Inquiry around and about Kew file number WO 219/ 5045 including this one:

    " Château D'Audrieu, Nomandy in June 1944

    Reference: WO 219/5045
    Château D'Audrieu, Nomandy in June 1944
    Date: 1944 July

    Former reference in its original department: 000.5.2 " ( Kew listing Normandy as "Nomandy" )

    There is a 90 MB download of this inquiry available from the International Criminal Court website here:

    This may be a better copy than the one you mention.
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    Here are the Nuremberg records on this:

    The commanding officer at that time, Gerhard Bremer, emigrated after the war to Denia/Spain, where he built a vacation home settlement, the town itself was a popular meeting place for many Nazis.
    Bremer died peacefully in 1989 at the age of 72.....
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