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Discussion in 'Historiography' started by Chris C, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian

    I am trying to figure out the appropriate way to cite a British manual (in this case it's for the Archer, aka SP Valentine, no surprise there).

    The title and date are obvious, on the front cover. But then as far as publisher is concerned, I'm a little unclear what to state. The end of the manual mentions "R&W Ltd" of Chertsey and that seems to be an engineering firm, and I don't know what their role would have been.

    Any thoughts?
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  2. AB64

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    Would it be HMSO? manuals usually have a name, date and other details at the end but these are the contract and printer
  3. idler

    idler GeneralList

    'War Office' would be acceptable, I'd have thought.

    If you don't know who carried out the Archer conversions, R&W might be a good place to start. Depending on the context, they could just be the printers.
  4. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian

    Well, I don't see HMSO anywhere, but I am looking at the PDF version, so... now that you mention it, potentially that might have been on the cover, which is not included. I should look at the photographs I took of other manuals which included at least front covers.
  5. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian

    idler, I think you're right - I expect on the real manual it would have said War Office next to the date, or similar.
  6. idler

    idler GeneralList

    I would mention the company that reprinted it, though, especially if it can't be found anywhere else.

    (Just having the last word...)
  7. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian


    That's an interesting point and now I'm back to "this is complicated"! In this case it's a scan by "AFV Handbooks" ( for the Tank Museum.

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