Cloth Patch I.D. ? - 121 HAA Regiment RA (TA)

Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by guinness, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. guinness

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    Hello all, this was posted in the Far East forum earlier and thogh I've had some very useful correspondence from that point I realise that it might be better placed here.

    I know that the patch inset below isn't a divisional / formation sign (i think!) and I can't place it as a trade / specialist badge.

    My late father Gunner Fred 'Blondie' Cole (far right of picture) served in the RA in the Far East (HAA & Signals) from 1943 to 1946 in the Arakan and later in Singapore, Java & Sumatra. This photo was taken on his enlistment in 1942.
    I know he served in 15th Indian Corps and as far as I can gather the British HAA in 15th Indian was the 8th (Belfast) but I don't think this is the regiment he was with as this was a British formation with predominantly Irish servicemen and he told me that he was with Sikh troops, though this may relate to later service in an RA Brigade on Java.

    What's the definitive written source on British insignia in WW2? I work for the British Library so I might be able to track the badge's identity down via a good reference book but the standard ref books I've seen so far have very little of use.

    The photo below shows Gunner Cole (centre) later in the war.


    Any assistance appreciated.


    Tony Cole
  2. Kyt

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    Hi Tony,

    As we don't seem to be able to help I have sent a copy of the patch to the Royal Artillery Museum, via email. They may be able to identify it.

  3. guinness

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    Hi Kyt,

    Your assistance is much appreciated. What a great website this is.

  4. Kyt

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    The RA Museum is brilliant - I only sent the email last night :

    Ref. Feb.17

    Dear Mr XXXX

    Thank you for your recent communication.

    The badge is the emblem of 121<sup>st</sup> HAA Regiment RA (TA) first issued in May 1941. It depicts a hawks’ lure [The device used to attract the attention of trained birds of prey].

    I hope this is of some assistance. I should add that as an independent museum we are dependent on visitor income and charges for research enquiries in order to support our facilities. Although there will be no charge for answering this enquiry, a donation is always welcome. Those wishing to make a donation should send a cheque made out to ‘Royal Artillery Museums Ltd’, and send it to the Historical Secretary, The Royal Artillery Museum, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, London SE18 6ST.

    Yours sincerely

    Paul Evans

    I've reproduced the whole email as I thought people reading this may wish to make a donation to such an excellent resource - I certainly will.
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    Nice one.
    That's been doing my nut in!
  6. guinness

    guinness Junior Member


    The RA Museum is brilliant - I only sent the email last night :

    I've reproduced the whole email as I thought people reading this may wish to make a donation to such an excellent resource - I certainly will.


    Great news! What can I say apart from a big, big thank you for taking the time to assist me, it's very much appreciated . I'll also be making a donation to the RA museum.


  7. Kyt

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    Now all we need is someone with information on the 121st ;)

    I couldn't find anything meaningful on the interweb.
  8. spidge


    This is all I can find however there is at least another contact to some possible information as this guys father (then) was still alive.

    Number 00231BA
    Trying to Trace : Anyone
    Service/Unit : 121st HAA Royal Artillery
    Rank : Any
    Year/s Of Service : 1941 to 1946
    Location of Service :
    Other Information : 121st HAA Regiment, Royal Artillery was formed in 1941 with 385,387 and 388 Batteries. 413 Battery ex 85th HAA joined in 1942. 413 Battery joined 173rd HAA later that year, the 121st was disbanded on 1 March 1946. My father would dearly love to hear from people who know or served with him, or from relatives of soldiers that served with him.
    Name of Enquirer : Philip Martin
    Do you have any information which may assist, please contact :-
    Direct at:
    Lost Comrades at
  9. spidge


  10. MaryLennon

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    Hello everyone, newbee here, I noticed mention of the 8th Belfast HAA aka The Twelve Mile Snipers.
    I have lots of photographs of them on my website, my father Gunner Jim Lennon was one of them and he is still alive and very much kicking today at 87 years old.
    I'm not sure if there's information there that might help you guinness or spidge, I hope so :eek:)

    8th Belfast H

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