CO 5 RTR letter to 6 RTR of experience in Italy Sep - Oct 43

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    In his book about 5 RTR (The Tank War), Mark Urban refers to a letter sent by Lt.-Col. Wilson (CO 5 RTR, 7 Armd Div) to the CO of 6 RTR passing on his unit's experiences from the early part of the campaign on the mainland in Italy. In Urban's notes, he references the letter to the war diary of 6 RTR but isn't absolutely clear when it was received nor which 6 RTR war diary he means (i.e. 1943 or 44).

    The 6 RTR war diary for 1943 is WO169/9366 (Jan. - Dec. 1943). Does anyone have a copy and would be happy to have a look and see if they can find if the letter is definitely there? I'm hoping to get back to Kew some time in early summer and suspect we will still be stuck with only a limited number of files per day so would like to ensure I get the right one.

    And a cheeky side question - anyone know when 6 RTR moved to Italy?


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    Hi Tom

    6 RTR shipped from the Middle East to Taranto as part of 7 Armd Bde in Apr / May 1944. I`ll need to check further about the letter.

    Regards, Paul
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    That’s great information, thanks. So committed to the pursuit from Cassino and the Gothic line campaign that year?



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