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Discussion in 'US Units' started by Wise1, Jan 24, 2007.

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    It's a PB-1G

    The aircraft is flying over Far Rockaway, New York.

    Coast Guard Aircraft

    Scroll down to the photographs and it's the second picture
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    Cheers Kyt, was confident it was US but was not willing to look like a tit by first suggesting it just in case.
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    From the aforementioned site:


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    Just the other day I was thinking about B-17s airdropping lifeboats and how it was done etc. Excellent stable platform for it. I wonder if they had problems with the parachutes dragging the boat under in rough (or any) weather?

    Some of the surviving, flying B-17s today were ex-lifeboat aircraft:

    Aero Vintage Books: B-17 Locator

    Looks like the one at RAF Hendon was a PB-1.



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